Optical cable vs. Digital interconnect

Which is better to connect DVD with MSB LinkIII: optical or digital interconnect?Thx.
Coax ,under most all circumstances,yours included. Just some of the lower priced gear doesn't make much dif.
Agree with Avguygeorge...TosLink (optical) is inferior in regards to mechanics (connector interface), electrics (lower bandwith than coax) and sonics (less separation achieved than with coax). Of course, many applications such as laserdisc and Sony CD players leave no option for coax, but if given the choice, avoid optical. Good luck!
BTW- The reason for the toslinc only from sat.receivers, cd changers : copyright concerns. They don't want you to make to good a copy.Toslinc makes sure that doesn't happen. In a high resolution system the differences are LARGE. The same affair is presant within dvd audio, with their 24/96 mix-down to 48 of the audio signal.
I don't think Toslink is the only optical cable available. What about AT&T and other glass opitical cables? They are not Toslink.
AT&T is a totally different kettle of fish from Toslink and is best of all in my opinion if well executed. But I think the only optical option available to Kitty is Toslink.
the name says it all: "toss"link
Take into account I haven't tried this, but, I have had a few people in the manufacturing business tell me that if your equipment is pretty new then the toss link is the better connection. In the old days the loss in the toss link was the conversion from electrical to optical and back. They say the newer equipment has a much better conversion process therefore they believe the toss link is a great way to go as long as you are using a good toss link cable such as XLO or WireWorld or I have been told that even the Sony cable is good. It's worth a try, they are usually much cheaper than the coax. I am getting one myself to try.
When you say "newer" you mean the stuff I bought today. I guess the stuff I bought last week is old huh? In audiophiledom you are the lone voice.There are BIG,BIG differences. Low,mid fi,maybe not. Go to a high end store, an ask for a demo.Ask to hear a toslinc between Jadis digital gear pieces. Sorry,I have this mean streak. Like I always say,"If you can't hear the dif. don't buy it"