Optical Cable Question - AT&T To Toslink?

Hi - Does anyone know of an optical digital cable that has a Toslink connector on one end and an AT&T connector on the other? My dCS Elgar DAC has two optical inputs, but one has an AT&T connector on the back of the Elgar. I have two optical-only digital sources I wish to connect, but both have Toslink out connectors. Anyone have a solution?
Thanks as always, Ed
Sorry Ed, Toslink and ST (AT&T) are not compatible. They are both "optical" in that they both use light as the transmission medium, but there the similarity ends. They use completely different transmit/receive devices. The Toslink device costs about $5, the ST costs about $150, on each end!

There are digital switching devices available. The only brand I know, which is now only available used and excellent, is the Wadia Digilink. But I'm sure there are others.
Use a Genesis Digital Lens, it can accept any digital source (RCA, BNC, AT&T, AESEBU and Toslink) and outputs the signal in either AT&T, RCA or AESEBU.
Hi - Thanks for the replies. The solution I used is an Audio Authority 977R optical-to-coax converter for $75 from Frank Van Alstine at:


Thanks again,