Optical burn-in?

Probably the daftest question of this year but I'm no expert so....
Does a toslink optical cable take time to burn in?
I know it's only carrying a laser signal.
I've done a search and haven't seen this thread before,I just changed to a Van Der Hul Optocoupler which seems more detailed but the bass seems to have faded into the background which in my limited experience sometimes is exactly what happens when either cables or components are brand new.
I'd be grateful for any experiences or theories but please let's not get dragged into another "burn-in" debate.
Thanks as always..

Short answer: no, TOSLINK cable does not need "burn in" time. Just plug it in and use it. The only caution you need to exercise is that you do not put a kink or severe bend in the cable, as this may cause micro-fractures in the optic fiber.
ben: scott is correct. the same goes, BTW, for at&t st optical. st, tho, is much more flexible than toslink. -cfb
Thanks guys,,,