Opposite ends

One of the things I enjoy most is listening to music from my youth and enjoying how much fuller, clearer and better it sounds on a stereo i could have only dreamed of when first heard those songs...

Then there are those favorite songs that sound pretty much the same...no new layering, depth and width of soundstage...

So at one end for me is Aqualung...can play it louder, but still kinda flat. On the end is Behind Blue Eyes...I hear stuff in there I never heard before...

So what old song do you wish sounded better on your stereo, and what old song sounds as good as you could possibly imagine?
I love Dinah Washington, but all of her Mercury recordings have her on the left and the music on the right.
On the other hand I don't think Ellas recordings could have been done any better.
Creedence.....my word the recordings were awful.
Bad recordings are bad recordings, not much you can do about them. I have to agree with Paul, CCR recordings were awful !!!!
Try the new remastered versions "40th Anniversary".
I own the CCR SACD's, DCC's and various other versions.
The 40th Anniversary discs are the best so far.
That's good to hear Issue. I really like their music.
Ozzy not Issue, Damned phone!!!!
Jackson Browne's Late for the Sky.
That's funny you should laud Behind Blue Eyes. I have trouble making that one sound good.