Opportunity to buy Demo Magico M2?

A dealer called me with an offer to sell their demo Magico M2’s at a massive discount. I was recently in their shop and tested the A5’s with my Gryphon Diablo 300, and I found the bass to be lacking with the A5’s. I think this was likely due to the fact that they had less than 250 hours on them.

My room, while not massive, is on the larger side. Vaulted ceilings that rises to 14 feet at the peak, about 26ft front to back, and open on the sides (house is open concept). There is a large and tall island that separates out the listening area.

Considering my room size, and considering my not so great experience with the A5’s, should I bother lugging my amp into the shop to test the M2’s? I have to travel a ways so it’s a bit of a commitment. But the discount they are offering is about $25k off. And they said it would include the M-Pods.  Thoughts?





Same as me.


I did not like the a5 but I enjoyed the m2.  Side by side comparison.

I would hope a 75k speaker would sound really really freaking good! Lots of options at that price range and this is just one. I’m sure it sounds fantastic! 

As this level of price, no matter the discount, you should be knocked out by the improvement. If not, don't let the 'savings' influence you.  

You likely would never get a dealer to agree to an in-home audition, but you may be able to negotiate ahead of purchase the terms for any return if you are not happy.  Obviously, the terms would have to make it worthwhile for the dealer to go through the trouble and to take the risk of damage and to incentivize you to NOT return the speaker, but that would afford you some protection.

I know a dealer who took back a pair of speakers he custom designed and built for the customer that are gigantic- something like 4.5’ x 9’ x 5’ - that required the rental of a small tractor to make the delivery.  I have no idea what was the price for the return.


It sounds like your budget is right around the Rockport Avior ii. I highly recommend auditioning these as well. Good luck!