Oppomod femto clock upgrade Oppo 205

Appreciate feedback as I'm considering for mine. Thanks.
Clocks have gotten so good and so cheap, you have to really really love that DAC to not want to just spend the money elsewhere.
After doing a bunch of mods (including different clocks) on my LKS DAC, the type of clock used for the ESS Sabre chips is quite important and will drastically change the character and sound quality of the DAC. 

I'm not sure what that femto clock does to the Oppo, but it is likely much better than the really cheap stock oscillator.  Keep in mind that Sabre dac uses a global clock at 100 Mhz to do it's timing.  The Oppo does not have two TCXO type clocks for each sample rate multiplier (i.e. 44.1/88.2/172.4 vs 48/96/192).

You should also realize that the Oppomod Femto clock upgrade will upgrade the 100Mhz Sabre DAC clock as well as the DSP/digital main cpu clock which will affect HDMI output timing.  This will improve things across the board for the Oppo unit.

If this were a normal dac using a non-Sabre DAC chip and had two low cost clocks, I would say that an upgraded clock may still help but I would agree with erik's comment on looking elsewhere first.
+1 @erik_squires — there are SO many very good and affordable new or used DACs out these days I’d think you’d be better off directing your funds that way. 
I wouldn’t waste the money, as good as everyone thinks the Oppo 205 is, there really is much better out there.  Hearing people say it’s their last CD player makes me chuckle.  When I see them listed for $3-4K and they sell, well I outright laugh. 
What’s funny is how everywhere you go on this site you find people har har-ing, and pontificating, and bloviating, about stuff they never did and so have no freaking clue what they are talking about! fuzztone, have you tried one of these mods? stereo5? Erik_squires we know you haven’t, all you ever do is cut and paste ad copy from some of the worst sources on the interzones. soix at least gets credit for saying, "I think" which means, "I don’t know, but" and so at least we know he knows he doesn’t know. All the rest are freaking posers who should be ashamed!

auxinput on the other hand, thank you for being the exception that proves the rule. I can only hope it is clear to the OP the difference between your informative post and the others prattling palaver.

I don’t have that Oppo and haven’t done that exact mod but I did mod my Oppo with a better clock, and more, and it is no joke, they will punch far beyond their class and your money gets you more with a mod than with a whole new component.

So my feedback is if you like the sound you have and want "the same only better" this will get you there. Another DAC will not be "the same only better" it will be "different, hopefully better". Hopefully you can already tell by the thoroughness of his reply that auxinput knows what he’s talking about. Only thing I would add is when he says it changes the character and nature what he means is it gets so much better it sounds like a whole new DAC. To me these things are massive improvements more so than changes but there comes a point where one verges into the other and this is one of those areas. Bottom line: expect a big improvement. No joke.