Oppo105 crashing?

My Oppo 105D freezes & crashes about every other day.  Unplugging it fixes the problem, but it's getting annoying.  Has anyone had this problem?  Is there a fix?  Is there a better device to stream Tidal with balanced outs under $2,000?

Thank you for your time!
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My Oppo freezes about every three weeks if I leave it turned on. Make sure you have the latest firmware, and also make sure you allow it to stay ventilated. That processor in there gets hot!

If it has wifi, try switching to wired.
Thank you @erik_squires 
I'm already using an ethernet cable.  I know it's not a network issue because I'm streaming the same services on other devices with zero issues.  It also freezes during disc play.  It's on its own shelf in an open rack in a cool basement (temperature-wise, not bragging).  If it was once every 3 weeks, I'd be okay with it, but it's nearly every day.  

Any other ideas?
What brand of TV do you have your 105 connected to?
I have it connected to an Integra DHC 80.3 pre/pro.  The Integra is connected to a Sony projector.  I often listen to music without the projector on and it crashes/freezes either way.  
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I would contact Oppo. I suspect it's a connectivity issue. I had dropouts also with my 105D when I switched from Samsung to Sony. My Sony Bravia e900 XBR must be on or dropouts occur. Oppo stated that Sony is the only manufacturer that they have this issue with. 

Call Oppo, they will answer your questions.  Good luck!

The OPPO 103 and 105 have a know bug wherein you can not set the machine to be in standby to be controlled via tablet or phone.

You have to set the Standby mode to energy efficient ...Quick start , which allows your unit to be turned on via the App has the flaw. It will lock the machine up, causing you to have to unplug it. Try it, I bet it will resolve the issue... only downside is the inability to power on from your Tab or phone...
Good luck, it worked for me.... symptoms were freezing, unable to log into Netflix,  could not power off from remote or front panel.   It's a pain because waking it via wifi is nice but it's a great machine other than that.   Hope it works.