OPPO vs Marantz SA-14 audio wise

Do you think the "reference quality" audio side of more expensive OPPO is better than a Marantz SA-14 for Audio?  Basically trying o decide which OPPO to buy...if the Marantz unit is just as good a SACD audio wise, then I would by the less expensive OPPO for video. Thoughts?

Oppo is the correct choice... 105D player. or newest variant. And the Reference quality audio is no smoke and mirriors, Dual saber dacs and direct audio path to XLR outputs. This is a real universal player, with excellent video circuitry as well. And now there doing MQA....


Not sure if I completely agree with you, Matt.  The Oppo is pretty much a "swiss army knife" of players.  It is a universal player that will play pretty much any media (audio, video, bluray, etc.) with an excellent video processor and a very good analog stage with analog outputs for both 2-channel and  8-channels audio.  For the money, you cannot beat what the Oppo provides for you.  However, there are definitely going to be better DACs or players out there. 

The Marantz is most likely going to sound much more musical in comparison.  With the Marantz, you a looking at a player that is almost twice as much, but is only focused on being 2-channel player/DAC (no video and no multi-channel).  You'll have better internal components as well as less hash from video/DSP stuff.  I have read other posts where a person had an Oppo but chose a Marantz bluray player because the analog output was warmer and more musical.

It depends on what you want.  The Oppo 105/205 will sound very nice if you put it through a good preamp.

First of all, whether the Marantz has better audio or not is only dependent on whether you can hear it.  You may or may not.  Not everyone appreciates the values of the better players, which are often more realistic-sounding than their cheaper counterparts.  Marantz players are generally known for a somewhat less-forward sound, which may or may not work with the rest of your system.  So you need to audition to be sure.  But if you can't and you're really looking to buy from recommendations here, I would buy the Oppo 205 and see if it satisfies you.  If it does, you're set and in a year or so, you can bring it to some audio store and compare it directly with some more costly players to see if the differences are worth it to you.  
@mattmiller Where did you read that Oppo is doing MQA? I’ve never seen any kind of official statement or press release stating that but, it would be nice feature to have.