Oppo USB input

I recently sent my Oppo off for the SE upgrade. I plan on trying to use the USB in from my computer and see if it sounds good that way. If anyone has tried this or wants to before mine is returned, I would be interested in the outcome.
Rwwear...i don't believe you can use a computer or any other transport with your Oppo (there are no digital inputs that can access the internal DAC of the Oppo BDP-83 or SE versions). The USB allows you to access high definition video, high resolution photos and music directly from your USB storage devices (like a flash memory card). So the USB storage device is viewed as another disc with conent on it (similar to placing an optical disc in the tray of the Oppo). You should check with Oppo for sure in case you were relying on using a computer as a transport through the USB to access the Oppo's DACs. I am pretty sure you cannot do that. Good luck.