Oppo UDP-205 Op Amp, Linear Power Supply

I have the Oppo UDP-205.  I understand there are third party Op Amp, Linear Power Supply to buy that improves the unit.  What have you tried that worked.  I am game to improve mine.  Thank you!
IMO, before you do any surgery, try a Vibrapod 3 under each foot.  I never thought much of VPs before, but it made a substantial improvement on the 205.  It brought out a greater sense of tonality and harmonic completeness.  You probably have some lying around.  Good luck. 
I had my 205 modded by Ric Schultz of EVS. Make a noticeable difference, quieter, deeper sound stage. He did more than just the power supply.

Now I'm interested in trying the Vibrapods!
@unsound - no, I never paid much attention to tweaks, footers, etc. 
I don't know what made me even think to put them under the Oppo.  But after that, I put them under my Heed dac and they did the same thing - an added sense of harmonic richness.  Taking them out made the sound flatter and more....digital?  They're certainly cheap enough to try.  Just make sure to use a coaster or something because those things ooze.  Really. 
I suggest that before you do surgery (or spend a lot of money otherwise) on your Oppo that you consider letting the Oppo feed an external DAC.  First of all, any modifications, unless they are easily reversible, will kill its resale value.  Also, it has never been very hard to find a DAC at a reasonable price that will outperform the DAC section of the Oppo.
I bought the linear power supply from a guy in South Korea, and I think it is major improvement. It was a direct drop in replacement. I also have mine plugged into a Bybee and Niagara power conditioners. And I have Stillpoints ultra SS underneath.

Like Ozzy, I installed a LPS SE from oppomod into my 203. (One is available for the 205.)  I installed an Orange SR fuse and will be installing an Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX soon. The LPS mod is plug and play and very easy. Perhaps the most improvement resulted from plugging the Oppo into my Shunyata Everest power conditioner.

PS I have no affiliation with oppomod but am a happy customer.
Clones Audio is a very respectable vendor for what you seek:

Scroll down for the OPPO mod and you'll also see the how-to video that accompanies the upgrade.

All the best,
^Not all mods will kill resale. Though many can and will, some won’t, such as the ModWright’s. It depends on what was done and perhaps even more importantly who did it.