Oppo UDP-205 MQA Confusion

I read that the 205 now supports MQA as long as it shows up as a "media file",
e.g. via a USB thumb drive or CD. This confuses me. How can an MQA file show up
as a "file"?  It's streamed. My intent is to use Tidal, via my iMAC to stream MQA
to the 205. (I don't own one yet). Will the 205 unfold Tidal Master files or not?

Sorry for my ignorance,
I called Oppo last week about another matter with my BDP-105 player. I asked about MQA capability on the new Oppo and was told exactly that, the player only reads MQA on a media file or CD. I understand some MQA CDs may be available and I assume downloaded MQA music needs to be put on a thumb drive. So as I understand it there is no way to listen to MQA via Tidal on the new Oppo. I doubt that a firmware update will add that capability but I’d like to be wrong about that.
yes, that's what Oppo's Customer Service told me as well.
I`m surprised at the lack of discussion about this. BTW, in the April issue of Sound and Vision, there's a very short mention that the 205 is
MQA compatible , but there's no mention that it has to appear as a file.
As a matter of fact it mentions "streaming" , which to me is
somewhat misleading. I realize this shouldnt be a deciding
factor on whether or not I buy the 205, but right now IT IS.


Thank you for posting your feedback. I was wondering about the MQA compatibility as well. 

I did grab couple of MQA CD’s last time I visited RMAF and they do sound bit better than their equivalent 16bit/44.1kHz file. The sound is fuller, dynamic and high’s are crystal clear. 

If you or anyone interested in MQA downloads, you can try the HRA. 


IMO, 205 is the best 4K player currently available that offers superlative video and audio. It’s a quite a bargain! 
Thank you for responding. I wasn't aware that MQA could be 
experienced outside of streaming, which is what I do via 
Tidal Masters and a Dragonfly Red. I do enjoy it very much.

There are lot of high res demo files you can download from 2L, including MQA, so that you can compare it with other formats.  The MQA files are much smaller in size.

Wondering if I can streaming Tidal MQA using USB DAC from my PC to Oppo 205.
About MQA through USB DAC, the answer is here:


The latest USB DAC Firmware USB-0118 has added support for the MQA playback via the USB DAC Input
Thanks. Will do. Just purchased Oppo 205. Can't wait.
Has anybody heard anything new about this so called “final release “?   I really would like to get my hands on one. I signed up to Oppos mailing list about this some months ago but haven’t heard anything. 

The offers are rolling out from OPPO right now, I got mine paid for yesterday,many others are getting their offer too.
Hang tight!
Received my 205 yesterday and upgraded the USB input to MQA capability today as indicated in anwar’s link above. I use Audirvana and it indicates MQA is being decoded by the Oppo. Nice that Oppo is offering the capability.
You need USB DAC firmware USB-0118 to decode MQA. My 205 came with the USB DAC firmware USB-0112. To get to USB-0118 I needed to upgrade to USB-0115 first. I then updated to the USB-0118 firmware.
I also needed to close Audirvana and reopen it for it to detect the new MQA capability. Very pleased with the sound quality. I’ve been using Audirvana a few years and can’t be happier with it.
Were you playing MQA file or streaming MQA from Tidal?

Junzhang10: I’m streaming MQA from Tidal through Audirvana into the Oppo UDP-205 USB DAC input. Oppo just offered that capability. You just need to go through the DAC firmware upgrade as indicated above. The capability to play media files has been available for a while, USB DAC capability is recent. Playing Pete Townsend’s Rough Mix MQA album via Tidal now and it sounds great.
Super. That's why I bought into 205 though I have a 105D. I missed the Tidal, Netflix and Berlin Philharmonik Concert Hall App. Hope Oppo developer could add these on 205.
I just received and am now playing Steely Dan Pretzel Logic with MQA on my Oppo UDP-205. How can you tell if the Oppo is decoding MQA? I don’t see the MQA logo on the Oppo display. 

Forgot to add that it’s a CD. 
Trying to upgrade USB from USB-0112 and keep getting an error message “no device found. Please plug in the device you want to upgrade” 

I selected fw_upd205_dac_build0115.bin

downloaded for Mac. 
Upgrade completed. USB cable was not seated properly. 
Received my 205 yesterday. Update 0115 then 0118 firmware. Streaming Tidal MQA from iMac, Showing MQA and 92k/32bit. Super airy and clear image. Definitely worth $1299. 
So where can I get a 205 for $1299???  I didn't know Oppo was going to stop producing them. I hope I didn't get caught with my pants down.


I think you did Jim unfortunately.
You needed to have registered with OPPO on their website for interest in a future production run. Those who registered in April have been receiving them now direct from OPPO at $1299 plus shipping.
You may still be able to register but only directly at OPPO site.
I'll see if I get a live person on Monday. Maybe I'll get lucky.

If you go to,OPPO site right now I think you can still register.
Saw a similar thread elsewhere with the news about Oppo yesterday (yeah, been living under a rock lately) ... and did successfully register at Oppo, though not sure if production/supply will last. Been happy with my 105; and was just thinking getting a 205 for longevity ... but with this news about MQA streaming capability will buy one if I get the opportunity. 
I registered back in April directy on Oppos site. I have 2 functioning email addresses. I registered once for each address. As of 7/2 , I have heard nothing. How are people being notified?  By that I mean , dooes one have a certain time to reply ?  Is there a link they send you ?  Just wondering. Thank you ,  Jeff. 
In my case they sent an email saying something along the lines of...
congratulations there is a udp205 available if you want one with a link.
I then clicked link, entered my shipping info and paid for it.
About 2 hours later I received fedex tracking information
@ OP: I had the same experience as uberwaltz.  On June 27th, I received an email from OPPO stating:

"Thank you for your interest in the OPPO UDP-205 - a limited supply is now available. Drawing from over a decade's worth of experience in advanced image processing technology and high fidelity audio performance, the UDP-205 is the perfect choice for discerning enthusiasts. The UDP-205 provides reference level sound quality through the analog outputs, improves the clock precision of the HDMI audio output, and increases the power of the built-in headphone amplifier."

The email included a link to place an order for a 205.  The text of the email continued:

"This link is as unique as you are so please do not share. It is valid while supplies last and will expire at 11:59 PM PT on July 4, 2018. Due to the limited quantity available, the limit is 1 per household. If you are no longer interested in the OPPO UDP-205 and would like to give up this opportunity, click this link...."

The email also included an "OPT OUT" link.

On June 29th, I placed my order and it shipped the same day.  It is due to be delivered on July 6th.

I hope you get an order offer email from OPPO.

Happy Fourth to all!
Mine will be delivered tomorrow.
Now to see if all the fuss is worthwhile.
As I await my E-mail to buy from Oppo, I am wondering about MQA also. There are 2 steps to the "Unfolding" of MQA. Is the UDP205 processing both? It seems there are very few DAC manufacturers that offer both. Meridian being the only one I know of.
@bultaco I believe the answer is yes.  I set the TIDAL desktop app on my MacBook Pro to do an MQA passthrough.  The OPPO display on my Tv showed that MQA streams were being decoded up to 24/192.  My PS Audio Bridge II also does a full MQA unfold to up to 24/192.
Thanks for your response!
I have never downloaded or streamed music. Although I do have an external hard drive connected to my Oppo BDP95. 

Do you have to use your computer to get MQA into the 205? If so, how do you connect it?
I'm clueless. I just want MQA.

I just wanted to confirm that MQA files from Tidal work and play perfectly with the upgraded DAC USB input of the Oppo 205.

I must admit I was surprised with the difference in sound quality I can hear between this and what I have had using a coaxial output of my Bluesound Node 2. With the USB input, Oppo opened up the sound, made it more dynamic and nuanced, with much more detail and air. 

It is a must-do upgrade for all users streaming MQA files from Tidal.

Well done, Oppo!
Does the Mac Mini do a good job with handling the Tidal -> USB into the 205?