Oppo UDP-205 MQA Confusion

I read that the 205 now supports MQA as long as it shows up as a "media file",
e.g. via a USB thumb drive or CD. This confuses me. How can an MQA file show up
as a "file"?  It's streamed. My intent is to use Tidal, via my iMAC to stream MQA
to the 205. (I don't own one yet). Will the 205 unfold Tidal Master files or not?

Sorry for my ignorance,
I called Oppo last week about another matter with my BDP-105 player. I asked about MQA capability on the new Oppo and was told exactly that, the player only reads MQA on a media file or CD. I understand some MQA CDs may be available and I assume downloaded MQA music needs to be put on a thumb drive. So as I understand it there is no way to listen to MQA via Tidal on the new Oppo. I doubt that a firmware update will add that capability but I’d like to be wrong about that.
yes, that's what Oppo's Customer Service told me as well.
I`m surprised at the lack of discussion about this. BTW, in the April issue of Sound and Vision, there's a very short mention that the 205 is
MQA compatible , but there's no mention that it has to appear as a file.
As a matter of fact it mentions "streaming" , which to me is
somewhat misleading. I realize this shouldnt be a deciding
factor on whether or not I buy the 205, but right now IT IS.


Thank you for posting your feedback. I was wondering about the MQA compatibility as well. 

I did grab couple of MQA CD’s last time I visited RMAF and they do sound bit better than their equivalent 16bit/44.1kHz file. The sound is fuller, dynamic and high’s are crystal clear. 

If you or anyone interested in MQA downloads, you can try the HRA. 


IMO, 205 is the best 4K player currently available that offers superlative video and audio. It’s a quite a bargain! 
Thank you for responding. I wasn't aware that MQA could be 
experienced outside of streaming, which is what I do via 
Tidal Masters and a Dragonfly Red. I do enjoy it very much.