OPPO UDP 205 connection to amp and TV

Good day, forgive me if there is a thread on this, I didn't see one. If so, please feel free to just refer me there.

My Oppo 205 is fed by my PC using JRiver and currently connected to an AV receiver via RCA's. With this set up I can see my PC screen on my TV. 

I am ditching my receiver and connecting it to a stereo integrated amp (still using RCS's). At the same time I would like to be able see the PC screen on my Samsung TV. Is there an easy way to set up so I can both connect to stereo amp and see PC screen on TV?

Thanks in advance. 



Hi Michael,

You can use HDMI for the video, and use the Windows audio settings to send the audio out via the PC's dedicated audio interfaces.  Now it's common to have digital as well as analog outputs on PC's. 

Hi, thanks for getting back. So, I am clear hookup looks like:

1) HDMI from PC to Oppo

2) RCA's from Oppo to amp

3) HDMI from Oppo TV?

Do I have this right?

Thanks, Michael