Oppo UD 205

What's with all these dicks trying to sell their UDP's for outrageous money with the announcement of Oppo closing. You can order a brand new unit direct to be delivered this summer for $1299.00.

Greed kills!
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I messaged the guy who is selling his for $1925.00. I told him it was price gouging and he replied that "he is a Saint because they are selling on eBay for much more." Anyone who pays more than $1299.00 for a new one is a fool and deserves to get taken.
Evidently, he is correct, they are selling for big bucks.

I bought mine a few months ago for a particular reason and I won't be selling it!
It's not a sure thing that Oppo will pop out another batch of 205s. They're letting people sign-up and they will see if enough interest makes it feasible. I'll go for one. Shame it won't have HDMI 2.1 but will have MQA and 4K HDR.