Oppo UD 205

What's with all these dicks trying to sell their UDP's for outrageous money with the announcement of Oppo closing. You can order a brand new unit direct to be delivered this summer for $1299.00.

Greed kills!
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I messaged the guy who is selling his for $1925.00. I told him it was price gouging and he replied that "he is a Saint because they are selling on eBay for much more." Anyone who pays more than $1299.00 for a new one is a fool and deserves to get taken.
I bought mine a few months ago for a particular reason and I won't be selling it!
It's not a sure thing that Oppo will pop out another batch of 205s. They're letting people sign-up and they will see if enough interest makes it feasible. I'll go for one. Shame it won't have HDMI 2.1 but will have MQA and 4K HDR.
After production ended in Feb, Oppo had a sign up back  period back in May for an encore production run to be delivered late summer early fall.

I signed up for the encore run and just got notified today that i could order and pay for a 205.   I did that, it is shipping Friday and will arrive on Saturday.

Interesting to note that my order page said " not for resale" and i could only order one unit.  

I expect there will   some  new owners will ignore the no resale clause and try to flip them like after the Feb announcement.

Just wanted to let everyone know they are shipping again, altho it may be too late to get on the list if you didn't do it back in May.
The high prices are called supply and demand. Supply is capped, but there is still a big demand. I don’t think someone is a fool for paying more then the list price, If they have weighed other options and can afford it. The list price was considered a bargain. Many non-audiophiles would see paying $1299 foolish when you can buy a disc player at Best Buys for a couple of hundred dollars.

$3k does seem excessive to me. Prices will come down and used ones will be put up for sale over time. I was lucky to get one from Oppo’s final batch.
I wonder whether the Oppo “not for resale” statement is a voided warranty statement. 
Doesn’t the Oppo website state that warranty is to the original buyer and has to be from an authorized dealer (or directly from Oppo)?