Oppo to cease production -- Announced yesterday...

Sad day for those of us who loved Oppo for their high quality products that supported SACD, DVD-Audio, as well as Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray formats.  Oppo has also been loved for its industry leading level of customer support.  Oh, well, at least my DV-980H, BDP-83, and UDP-203 are all still going strong!

This is a sad day indeed.

Hi end is not dead, I see "kids" upgrading all the time on the vinyl forums. 

$200 system beats out 40K plus? Bwhahahahahah!!!!!!! Couldn't beat out my modest 18K system. LOL
I don't get streaming. My nephew does that he being an IT guy so he knows what he is doing and too me it does not sound all that good. My turntable and BD player puts any streaming I have ever heard to shame and my hearing is not all that good but I can easily discern quality. Had too get a 203 as they were out of the 205. Right now I use a Marantz 7007. I yes I think something is fishy about this whole affair. The best player on the market and they quit making them and sold out in a few day's ?
Highend is dying. Younger folks want portable and not sitting in one spot. They spend more on gaming. Audio that was our thing. You can see by marketing of high end gear, most market towards the 5% of income. There is a reason no much sales in the middle class who have other needs like raising kids, and education. Most audio shows I go to have a lot of gray hair folks. Not saying some younger folks won’t get into the hobby but never the amount of us boomers where cars and audio was the thing. Streaming tracks now is the thing and in the billions, a whole album no where near as much and vinyl is a spec in total sales.

My 2 cents

I think consumers are just beginning to be educated on room acoustics. Cheap equipment can sound better than expensive equipment when properly setup and in a better room for acoustics. BUT put good equipment in a good room with the cheap equipment and no contest. My magazine of late just changed their name. They are now including a bunch of articles on room acoustics. Long overdue. But not as easy as just putting absorbers at first reflection points that absorb a select few frequencies like an equalizing adjustment. It has to be done properly with measurements. The equipment already is at the level of perfection where our hearing gets off you know limited bandwidth. S/N distortion and so on and so on. The last and biggest pain in the u no what is the room. I hope someone will be the first to adopt a new construction policy of putting in a sound room just for music or movies. The answers have been around for a long time. I think the need is there in todays world. Would be cheaper to do in the beginning rather than remodel. I love my Oppo 93 and noticed right off the build quality and performance. It did have a few apps and can stream from Netflix and Vudu. I think they got out now because optical storage media is going away. The internet is changing the way we all consume signals and buying and storing physical discs is expensive and takes up space. I am having trouble keeping up with upgrading because it is happening faster and faster. Hats off to Oppo and thanks for making benchmark quality products.