Oppo Sonica DAC or Audio Research DAC 3 Mk2 & Sonos Wyred4sound modded

I am looking a streaming DAC to use in my system. I am not interested in computer audio or hi res at this time and will only use the DAC for wirelessly streaming Tidal on my system. I am trying to decide on the better way to go; Oppo Sonica DAC or a combo of a ARC DAC 3 Mk2 with a wyred4sound modded Sonos. The Oppo is about $800 and I can but the ARC/Sonos combo for not much more. I will be streaming wirelessly on my network - Tidal and that's all I am looking to do with this setup.

I have an ARC LS-27 pre feeding a MF M6prx amp. I mainly listen to vinyl and only wint to stream Tidal for looking for new music, etc.

Any opinions appreciated.


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The Sonica has gotten xlnt reviews and is 17 years newer in design.  You can run everything thru your tube pre (I do and have the Mk II of yours).

But... I think you really better listen to both if you want to be sure.

Or get the Sonica and then start thinking about what might be a lot better (maybe Benchmark, Yggy for Redbook only, etc.)

The rate of evolution in DACs is very high relative to every other component.

You will also want to determine what's the best test music to use...

and... Tidal is undergoing some changes right now