Oppo Sonica DAC or Audio Research DAC 3 Mk2 & Sonos Wyred4sound modded

I am looking a streaming DAC to use in my system. I am not interested in computer audio or hi res at this time and will only use the DAC for wirelessly streaming Tidal on my system. I am trying to decide on the better way to go; Oppo Sonica DAC or a combo of a ARC DAC 3 Mk2 with a wyred4sound modded Sonos. The Oppo is about $800 and I can but the ARC/Sonos combo for not much more. I will be streaming wirelessly on my network - Tidal and that's all I am looking to do with this setup.

I have an ARC LS-27 pre feeding a MF M6prx amp. I mainly listen to vinyl and only wint to stream Tidal for looking for new music, etc.

Any opinions appreciated.


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I recently got the Modwright Oppo Sonica. I wished I could comment more on the stock Sonica but I haven't heard it without the mods. It is a killer DAC and the streaming functions work flawlessly. It rivals my much more expensive Direct Stream DAC in sound quality. I am very happy with this streamer. If you got the stock unit, you then have the option of getting the mods done at a later date.