OPPO Relieability??

Yesterday at exactly 1 year old my BDP-95 started locking up playing DVD's, CD's work fine. Also streaming Pandora all I get is a blue screen. Sound doesn't seem to be affected.
Anyway it's going back today to be checked out.
In the mean time I put my old Sony 400 disc carousel CD/DVD back in service, it sounds Soooo bad compared to the Oppo!!!
All dvd's or just blu-ray true hd? I have an 83se that is a few years old with zero issues.
My BDP-83 has been rock solid reliable, but Oppo service is second to none. They respond quick. Send them a message describing your problem.
Bill...try unplugging the unit, just remove the power cable from the back. With the unit unplugged, hit every button on the front of the unit, (this drains any capacitance that is left behind). Then plug it back in. Might solve the problem.
I only tried regular DVD's, it's already on it's way back to Oppo.
My new BDP-103 hangs all the time when navigating back and forth between Netflix and Vudu or any other channel via the home menu. Have to power it on and off quite often. Firmware is up to date. Not impressed with OPPO gear.
All my oppos have broken. For me they are very unreliable
I have had my 95 for a year and a half and never had a problem plays great
Credit to their service dept. They got the unit yesterday afternoon & it's already on it's way back!!
That's Oppo for ya! Probably the best customer service in the industry. I had a similar experience.
My 105 does a lot of weird things. Sometimes there is no sound unless I hit and then release the mute button. Sometimes it decides it will recognize my MacBook USB, at other times it will stop, usually in the middle of playing. I haven't found the customer service to be all that wonderful either, but obviously I am a minority opinion there.
I've had two Oppo players that I have used for video only. I have found them both to be a bit glitzy. This is giving me pause on getting a ModWright 105 to replace my ModWright Sony.

By "glitzy" do you mean complicated?
I think maybe Brownsfan meant "glitchy", not
"Darn" spell check. Righto, Mofi.