Oppo Nuforce BDP-93NE

Hi, Has anyone here listened to this new unit? It looks very interesting. Was just waiting to see if any reviewers or Audiogoners have tried it yet? I'm looking at it in place of my Oppo 83se[becuase of the claimed very musical redbook playback on this modded unit[93ne.] Thanks, lloyd
I guess this product is too new. ANyways, I pulled the trigger and ordered a BDP-93NE. It ships on March 31st. I'm taking advantage of the 30-day return policy[I will only be out shipping if the unit fails to impress. I think this is a win, win as I'll know what it does in my system and how it performs against the redbook cd playback of my OPPO 83SE. If I had the chuckles I would have sent my OPPO 83SE in to Modwright for the tube mod...thanks again, lloyd
Let us know what it sounds like when you get it!

Happy listening!
Yes, I will. I have some audiophile friends dropping in after I've broken it in. One is a Leban guy and the other has Pass Labs. Their cd playbackbacks are Marantz Sacd and ArcamFMJ33, which already showed itself to be more refined and finished in my system compared to my OppoSE.They both have good ears. We'll give it a fair but honest listen, no holds barred. Will I be overwhelmed or underwhelmed? At least it should be interesting. Will let you know what we hear, cheers, lloyd
Well the Nuforce 93SE arrived this pm. . Will give it break-in. But out of the box, it's a keeper. I guess my beloved Oppo 83SE will have to fine a new home before spring ends. More to follow. I think I'll be doing alot o listening in the next few days. Will give an idea of what I think I'm hearing in my room in my system. Do note I have no invested interest in either company. I simply wanted to "hear for myself in my own system", and this was for mainly cd playback with video a bonus. Nuforce has a 30-day return policy. cheers, lloyd
I personally have a 95 with close to 240 hrs on it, it was tough not to go for the Nuforce 93 at the time but the ESS Sabre dac's, balanced outs and build Quality pushed the 95 ahead. The unit replaced a Denon 5900 and out the box it bettered it in my setup.So keep us posted indeed!
After a 20 hour break-in[suggested by Jason at Nuforce], I have really started to listen to this unit. My system is old, Sim, Krell Roxan, wiring by Acoustic Zen, Monarchy Audio, [all single core crystal]. PS audio Power Quintet, Power cds by Pangea and Grant Fidelity. Speakers are the -NewformResearch 30-2's. Sources have nowheres to hide on Ribbons but I've had SET preamps on these before and Set can mess up your mind for weeks[they did mine]. There is a rightness to the midrange that SETs do that can make everything else sound broken. This Nuforce BDP-93NE is reported to be voice with even-order harmonics like a SET.I hope this gives you and idea my likes. The NUForce BDP-93NE plays music in my system with a effortless seamlessness, competing musical clues that my Oppo 83se only hinted at or simply missed. It's not small or sutle a difference. It is a fundamental shift in how the music is coming into my listening room. The depth strikes me as very fine. Vocals together are distinct not covering one another, cymbals float in the space they appear into and out of, no hiss. It makes me listen to each disc as if for the first time. No, not tuby, just a feeling of rightness to the point I don't want to change a thing. This will do me until computer based playback is an option for me. This is something very special and you can hear it. If anyone else tries this unit please keep us informed. I can't beleive how much more the vocals can give you on this unit. But everything else is better, reed instruments, horns and piano are just lovely, bass appears with impact and tightness, potent but musical. Reverberation is just there, everything in is own space but all together as a whole. Quite wonderful. I love this unit. YMMV. Now I have to listen to Shelby Lynn again. In one word, MUSICAL. I think that's it. Happy listening.cheers, lloyd
Nice indeed, glad to hear it, wish I could compare it to my 95, which I'am totally elated with and pronounced it a giant killer on AVS. Good thing is you might not need to wait on computer playback as your Nu93 does it as well. I got my first taste from HD Tracks free sample, just download media monkey to your PC, then the free 24/192 files, put them on a usb stick, plug it in the Oppo and prepare to be amazed!I thought I'd look into that latter but the 95 does it so well might look into it sooner!
hi bluenose:

if you had to choose between a modwright modded oppo 83 se with a tube output stage (67n7) tubes, plus tube rectification, which gave a more tube like presentation, more body and warmth, would you still stay with your bdp 93 NE ?

by the way, how much does the oppo cost and how much additional is the mod.

nuforce tends toward the transparent in many of their products so the choice between oopo + tubes vs opp 93 with no tubes is interesting.
Hi, Mrtennis. The Nuforce 93NE is $899 US. If you already own an oppo 93[I think they're selling for about $499US,] the Nuforce upgrade board can be bought separate and installed by the 93 owner. I believe I saw that on their website. THe Modwright tube upgrade is [correct me if I'm wrong], I think about 1400US. I have not heard the modwright mod but I supect if you're keeping an Oppo 83SE it would a very musical mod. Modwright has a very fine reputation. I've been told by a friend in the know, of his electronics as being extremly musical. However I'm very content with this Nuforce 93SE. I think its "special". YMMV. It's all relative. Hope that helps, cheers, lloyd
Hi, Jdub39. I suspect your Oppo95 is very good on playback. Oppo really souped up the analogue section compared to the 83SE. I imagine all that experice with the 83SE has led to a serious audio improvment with your 95. Look at the Rotel transformer they use for example. I can't imagine not being very happy with that unit. There is a reason there is a waiting list here for it. But I couldn't wait so I'm very happy with my Nuforce 93NE. I understand there may be a software update for it. ALso I plant to change the plug to a three prong later on. happy listening eveyone, cheers, lloyd
ithe decision to purchase an oppo 95 and have it modified vs tmodwright modded 83se may boil down to the sound of tubes, to some extent vs the sound of solid state. while this may be an oversimplification, it haaaaaaaaas been suggested that nuforce's mod does not produce the sound of tubes, while dan's mod does.

i guess it is a matter of taste.
Changing the stock cord to a Pangea ac-14SE after breaking in the unit was a nice improvement. Altogether a nice package. But I also liked this PC on my older 83SE. So, do try an upmarket PC on your Oppo. They deserve the love...:)... To be clear on tubes I simply wish to say that this Nuforce-93NE doesn't do the syrupy, over soft sound. There seems to be no hint of digital here. There is a wonderful energy infused into my sytem that has me hanging on every word. It is amazing how vocals sound so right.It simply sounds like music that draws me in and makes it hard to get work done. It is very addictive. Just one of those units that make you want to listen. cheers, lloyd
Indeed it does make you listen for hours on end, I use a PS Audio AC3 12 gauge cable on my 95 and after full burn in I plan to pop in a HiFi Tunning Supreme fuse, I use an AC10 on my Quintet and an AC12 on my 2Channel amp, all Components have Silver Star fuses ( with phenomenal results). IV'e been holding back to see what character the 95 was going to have as it's my first Oppo, I believe the Supreme and an AC10 will be a good match because of the Hi resolution the 95 is capable of, You said it best, it deserves the best treatment and you couldn't be more right!
Hi everyone. I cannot decide between the 93NE and 95 for AV (Bluray and DVD) and auido only (CD, etc) playback. I am concerned about fan noise on the 95. My setup would include either the 93NE or the 95 HDMI video to a monoprice HDMI switch box then right to the LG 50PV450 50" plasma. For audio, I will use the analog out with only the left and right front channels enabled (rest of channel info mixed into the left and right channels) since I am a two channel guy. Preamp is a NAD T163 in two channel mode for all analog and digital inputs and my amp is a Audio Refinement multi 5 used to drive my Tekton 6.5t in biamp mode. I do not need balanced outputs from the Oppo to my preamp. Whichever Oppo unit I go with, it will be replacing a Linn Classik Music as my CD source and a Sony BDP-470 as my DVD / Bluray source.
Additional follow-up. After receiving the Nuforce93NE on March 31st I've been playing it without keeping count of the exact hours[after the first 20 hours had passed]. There has been a further improvement in the sound quality but I can't say just excly when it occured. It struck me this week as I replayed Shelby Lynn's "Just A Little Lovin'"..the very first cd I played on the machine when it arrived. Now allowing for my hearing becoming familiar with the sound of the unit still surprised me when I was down the hall on the computer while the disc played and there was an apparent ease and more texturing fullness of timbre, just more there all with a greatly emhanced sense of flow and ease. I had to sit down and listen. The Truth Accoring to Ruthie Foster, a fav cd of mine, followed and yup. SOmething had changed for the better here. The emotion of Ruthie's voice was obvious and sung with an enhanced ease I had not heard before. It has continued on every disc I've listened to since. I guess you really do hear this unit at its very best after a few weeks. Go figure...At least that is what has happend to me here in my system. YMMV. Now back to the Stanley CUp, cheers, everyone, lloyd
Glad to hear it! these are indeed 500hr burn in units and well worth the wait, I previously thought about 300 should do it and stopped counting, but when it hit around 450 still new details where emerging! However not as pronounced as the other milestones but caught my attention!
Just received mine yesterday, out of the box I am actually quite impressed with it's analogue playback. My system is very transparent which is great for evaluating new players. Well done Nuforce! Will be buring in the player over the next couple of weeks. My only gripe is no dedicated L/R stereo outputs, for a reference component this should have dedicated XLR connections.
You will probably find it actually sounds better after you've played it for awhile. It will suddenly dawn on you how the sound has simply opened up and flows. To hear this replay your first few disc again and you'll hear what I'm saying. Pretty amazing isn't it? Enjoy and let us know how it's going. cheers, lloyd. PS I do agree with you on the lack of dedicated L/R stereo outputs. I suppose Oppo had to keep cost down.
3 questions:

1. Has anyone actually had the chance to compare a stock 95 vs a Nu Force 93 (I'm interested in both cd & SACD/DVD-A)?

2. Has anyone had the chance to compare the standard Nu Force 93 vs the "Extreme" Nu Force 93?

3. Does anyone know if the Oppo BDP-95 region free firmware (DVD only, doesn't make Blu R free) on ebay will also work with the Nu Force's?

I've actually emailed Nu Force 2x with no reply. There local dealer was kind enough to respond, but they are not providing him with demos of the Blu's so he hasn't heard them!

I hope the reason Nu Force hasn't replied (it's been several weeks) is spam filters & not crummy customer service!
Call them. They're good about picking up the phone.
Check out the 6moons review, fairly detail.
I've read the 6 moons review several times. I'm just a little worried that the "modern sound" of the NXE compared to the soft highs of the NE might mean more careful system matching. But I did notice he never claimed the NXE as having "bright" highs. I've been told the NXE is better than the NE but I just wonder how the highs compare? I'm assuming the NXE is smooth, like the NE, but more extended. I do remember the previous 83SE as being very easy to listen to, but the NE is much more involving and musical in my system. Entirely another clear cut above the older 83SE Anyone else able to compare the NE to the NXE? Has anyone else heard the NXE and if so how do you find the top end? Cheers, lloyd
Further update! Yesterday I hauled out a chestnut cd. It is the Compact Command Performances "Four Tops", 19 Greatest Hits. This Lists 1984 Motown so is music from the Great Motown era of the 1960's into the early 1970's. The songs are great but the recording is not the best. I had already kept the volume down before as the digital tranfer was "unconfortable" to play loud. But I just loved the songs. With the soft highs on the Nuforce 93NE I can really listen at volume and enjoy it. Yes, the music is still early digital but at least now I can forget about that and just enjoy the great Motown players backing up a terrific group of singers. I think this is what I like most about this player. It allows me to "fall into the pleasure" so to speak of listening to more music. Stuff I largely cringed at before has become easily listenable. If the NXE does this and offers even more ins musical presentation that it must be rather special. But I'm happy with the NE for now. cheers, lloyd
I've just purchased this oppo 93NE. I was unsure beetween 93ne and 95.
I've choosen the first one because of the prominent 2th harmonic.
Now it reached 100 hours burning.

I agree with Bluenose: the player is veeeery musical. you can raise the volume high and it will sound without distorsions. Very listenable with zero fatigue.

But sincerely I ca't understand how people can compare it to 5000$ cd player..
I have a Jolida jd100S,a chinese tube cd player. it costs 1000$.
It outperforms the oppo93ne by light years..

I have to say that this jolida player is really something strange to me. I compared it to the m2Tech Young dac ( a 1000$ dac), and the Young was destroyed by the chinese player in every aspect..

So I think that I'd have to consider to compare the Oppo versus a normal player, in terms of quality/price, something more human. These jolida things are out of any omparison.

I'm happy with the oppo. it has very very low floor noise, it's warm , it's enough fast in the attack, and it's rythmic.
it creates a very solid sound, perfect with 2 channells sound movies (I have only 2 speaker), and it's enough good for long listening music too.

It lacks a bit of air beetween instrument, and it should have a bigger 3d scene. Often I desider to raise up the volume to feel more music around me, because of the sound a bit enclosed of the player. Luckily, as I said before, you raise the volume and the sound remains liquid e smooth.

Maybe the NXE upgrade give more opened sound.. maybe it's worth the price.
It's nice to have a player like this, that you can upgrade in many ways..

no mention about picture quality.. fantastic, of course.
Hi Yurisius. Glad you're enjoying the Oppo Nuforce 93NE. Might I suggest that as you play more hours on the unit see if you notice a bit more relaxation and break-in. For some reason I experienced a rather long break-in. I can't tell you why it just seemed to be so...I know it was noticable and I heard it by replaying my very first two discs I had played when the unit arrived. Now if you read the 6 Moons review of the 93NE and 93NXE it would appear from that review the 93NXE gives you more of what you might be missing. I do know you can upgrade the board to the NXE by replacing the NE board. Music dvds can be rather killer on this unit. Cheers and happy listening. lloyd
I've ben looking at the BDP95 to replace my BDP-83SE hotrodded unit. It would also replace a 3K DAC.

It turned out that my hotrodded 83SE simply sounded better than my very nice DAC. But and there's a but to this. The 3K DAC has a better soundstage and retreives more detail than the Oppo. The Oppo just has a certain synergy with my Allnic preamp, Pass Labs Amp and my Decade D1 speakers.

My current DAC simply doesn't work well with my speakers.

So now I'm looking at the BDP-95 and having Dan at Modwright perform his magic. But before I bite that bullet I really would like to know just how good a modded BDP-95 or even a nuforce 93 really is. I originally planned on a Ayon CD player but I have these music libraries at like to play someday...

I would actually like to have a blu-ray player with 3D capability just for the hell of it (and I bought a 3D TV) but I'm a 2 channel guy so.

This is an interesting thread. Anyone hear a modwright BDP95?
Hi, Desalvo55. I hear what you're saying about your modded 83SE. Synergy is everything. If the synergy isn't there it makes us look for that elusive magic. It's all about balance in our systems. Having said that, the same guy who designed the board for the Nuforce 93NE and 93NXE does the digital mods for Modwright. So it should be very fine indeed. But I haven't hear it. If you check out the 6Moons review on the Nuforce 93Ne and NXE it might be helpfull and ask the editor questions. He is quick to reply. ALso it is interesting that on the Nuforce website they have dropped plans for modding the 95 after hearing the modded 93NXE9,$1399US . Take that for what you will but Jason at Nuforce is quick to answer all questions on the units. Which unit will make the synergy work in your system? Ummm, tough choice. I would really like to hear the Nuforce 93NXE in my system but the 93NE is doing magic on the vocals here. I wold suspect the soundstage on the NXE mod would be bigger and more extended I'm guessing here.Let us know how it goes. I do think there are some reviews forthcoming on the Oppo 95. cheers and good luck, lloyd
I've found the audio of my oppo 93ne very good for movies. And perfect for a kind of movie. The sound of the 93ne is very intimate, warm, perfect for human voices. So if you favourite movies are comedies or dramas, so oppo 93ne will be perfect. But if you like more bombastic movies like james cameron's or tony scott's you'll go better with oppo93nxe or oppo 95, with their prominance in high frequencies and bigger soundstage.
Does anyone have any additional comments on the sound of the stock BDP-95 vs the 2 Nu Force 93's in 2 channel analog mode for music? Curious about both CD & SACD.

My current digital front end is an an Esoteric P-10>Illuminati Cable>PS Audio SL3 D/A.

To those who have heard the Oopo & NuForce units, will SACD on either likely sound better than CD on my current rig? As strange as it sounds, in my very limited experience, i have not found a Uni player that does SACD as well as my current rig does red book cd.

Part of the reason I am gun shy is I recently had the chance to hear the Oppo 983 with high res source material. While it was in a bright system (Krell, Dahlquist & cheap cable) IT WAS AWFUL. Extremely bright. I have heard a Xindak cd player in the same system that was pretty musical sounding, so while I suspect there was a system mismatch involved, that wasn't the entire issue. And this was their flagship player just 3 years ago!
Hi, Moomoo. I can't answer your question per the Oppo95. And I can't comment on the system you heard the Oppo 83 in. Now I didn't own an 83 but I did have the Oppo83SE. It never sounded bright in my system[Krell Pam 3 pre, Simaudio 4070SE, Newform research R8-2's930" ribbons], and actually was easy to listen to on CD. If there was any brightness, the ribbons would point this out. At that time we were comparing it to a friends Arcam 33FMJ[hope I got that model right]. It was Arcams top model from a few years back[this one had the last ring dac]....I found it a bit more refined or finished..a touch tidier if you will, than the Oppo 83SE in my opinion. My friend actually leaned towards the Oppo...go figure. They were both musical. Now on CD another friend owing a Marantz 12Sacd [I forget the exact model number but it is a fine unit]....told me the Nuforce 93NXE was a big leap in cd playback over the Oppo83SE. He kept saying how the bass was spot on to what he's used to hearing. He thought the unit had a certain "magic" if you will. I concured as everything is so system dependant when you're searching for that elusive "synergy". I think I've found it here. Does Oppo offer a "return policy" if the unit doesn't work for you? Give them a call or e-mail to see. Oppo is very consumer friendly[as is Nuforce]. Good luck and keep us informed how it goes. cheers, lloyd
They have an excellent 30 money-back guarantee. http://www.oppodigital.com/support.asp
I see that a new player has entered into the the Oppo 95 modding fray! Audiogon user name "Ricevs" has two levels of mods for $300 and $500 that are described in his link under the Oppo for sale classifieds.

His approach is interesting in that it seems geared especially to the two channel user. Whereas the two Nuforce mods of the 93 affect all 8 channels, Ricevs mods offer improved ciruitry only for the main L-R channels. Devoting the resources exclusively to 2-channel sound works for me but I'm not that into the multi-channel experience.

I cant speak for the workmanship, sound quality, or warranty (he has 15 positive-only feedback tranactions) and I can't provide a "point-for-point" comparison of Ricevs mods VS. the Nuforce mods, BUT, if they are as good, I can see at least two big advantages: (1)the upgraded Sabre DAC's of the 95 and (2) the build quality of the 95.

I doubt if this person exists but it would be great if someone could compare the following:
- Modright BDP 95 tube mod for $2700 (includes player)
- Nuforce BDP 93 XNE (or NE) mod for $1400 ($900 for NE)
- Ricevs BDP 95 level 2 mod for $1500 ($1450 till 9-11-11)

I'm really interested in the Oppo phenomenon and would love to hear more reports and opinions posted on this intriguing thread. Oh, and now for the real question: Would any of you hazzard a guess as to whether any of the three options listed above will offer a noticeable sonic improvement over my vintage (modded of course!) Anthem CD-1??? Thanks!
@Bluenose IMPORTANT: It was the Oppo 983 DVD I heard, NOT the BDP-83 Blu.
Hi, Moomoo. My bad. Thanks for the correction. The 983 would be an older unit perhaps the same time as the Oppo 980? If so, I do have an Oppo 980 and the Oppo 83SE was simply better by a serious margin on cd playback and dvd replay than the 980. Shoff, digital playback has been moving at a good pace. It is hard to say at what level your modded ANthem CD-1, plays at. An interesting note about Nuforce mods on the 93. Both the NXE and NE boards can be puchased separetly and can be installed by the buyer. Instrucitons are on Nuforces site. The good thing with these two boards is they're done with the blessing of Oppo[so I'm led to believe], and if a problem develops with a Nuforce unit it is to be returned to Nuforce for servicing. Oppo and Nuforce both seem to be offering us a lot for the buyer. That mod on the Oppo 95 looks interesting. cheers, lloyd
I don’t know, In my case, I find the BDP-93 punchier and cleaner than the BDP-93 NuForce Edition.
I use single ended triode Trafomatic amp (8W/p ch) integrated and single point drivers speakers (no horns), my speakers reveal speed and pin point accuracy, however, although the NuForce Edition may sound seamless and pleasant (in the right system), I do find that on tracks that tend to boogey hard, the NuForce Edition just sounds a bit too wooly for my ears, I haven’t tried the NuForce Extreme Edition yet, but it’s on the cards. Perhaps that will change the balance and impact that I am looking for. For instance I find the BDP-95 more like the old Theta's, all out punchy and clean with just a hint of liquid warmth where it counts. The 93NE on the other hand is just trying too hard to sound like tubes, old tubes even.
I hope that the NXE (NuForce Xtreme Edition) will shift that balance while retaining the midband magic we’re all so crave?
If you try the NXE let us know how it goes. I did note that the NXE was preferred over the NE at the 6 Moons review. cheers, lloyd
Largely because of the comments I've read on this thread (and some from others) I got the Nuforce Edition board for my BDP-93 this week and have been giving it a workout.

This is my first post, and I just wanted to give my impressions on the upgrade board and to reinforce others, like me, in saying that, no, you're really not crazy to spend almost as much on an upgrade as you did for the original player. IMO it's a darn good improvement, and worth it.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to get used to the characteristic sound of the stock BDP-93 over the last few weeks (very good I might add), via all my favorite and familiar CD's and SACD's, so I do have a basis of comparison. I'll just say, right off the bat, that the sonic differences were immediately noticeable and an improvement.

I really liked the detail, separation, and soundstaging of the stock 93, though the vocals were more laid back than my previous player, a Philips 963SA. My main issue, and the one that led me on a mod search, was that the BDP-93 had a bit too much of an edge, leaning toward stridency, for my tastes.

I've found the Nuforce board to have a much smoother presentation, easier to listen to, while retaining all of the soundstaging and separation, and improvement of subtle detail. Both instruments and vocals have more presence and texture making then seem more realistic, and the vocals are a bit more forward now.

For any of you who have the same sonic concerns I did, I would encourage you to give this Nuforce board a try, especially considering the 30 day return policy.
Hi, Les. That's good to know as I bought the 93NE from Nuforce so I didn't have a chance to hear the 93 before modding. How many hours do you have on the unit? The reason I ask, there seems to be a fairly long breakin period on these players including the Oppo 95. But it is worth it. Also, sometime in the furture if you have an upgrade power cord laying around, try it. THe Oppos do respond well to a better PC. Happy listening and keep us updated. cheers, lloyd
Thanks, lloyd.

I probably had 50 to 60 hours on the 93 before I swapped out boards. The different characteristics (most all to the positive in my opinion) were immediately evident and it makes me wonder if the stock unit would have ever come around more to what I was looking for despite the number of break-in hours. I just think those two circuits are fundamentally different - both good - but I do prefer the Nuforce.

Of course I still have the original board and could do some long-term comparisons, but for right now I'm probably too lazy to do it, ha.
Any more specific sonic comments on the stock BDP-95 VS either of the 2 Nu Force 93's?

I so wish I could a/b the 2 of them with my own ears!

I emailed JA at Stereophile & he said there will be a more in depth review of the stock 95 soon, but nothing on Nu Force (he didn't say why).
I have both the stock 95 and the NuForce 93 NXE. I've had the 95 for a few months so it should be fully burned in. The 93NXE has been in my system for about ten days (maybe 75-90 hrs) and while initially not so different from the 95 at around 50 hrs. it really opened up. I'm assuming there is still more music to come as the 93 continues to settle in. I'm hoping. At this point it is much more musical than the 95. For the first week I frequently listened back and forth between the two players but now that the 93 has started to settle in I have not gone back to the 95. I will likely do so in the next couple of days. More soon...
Thanks for the info. Let us know how it progresses. Is this comparison on cd replay? Cheers, lloyd

I will be trading in an Audio Refinement Pre5 and Multi5 for a custom Rogue Cronus Magnum (on order right now) powering some Tekton 6.5t (50Hz - 25kHz, 92dB sensitivity, 4 Ohm - http://www.tektondesign.com/Model65t.htm). I was planning on ordering the BDP-93 NuForce from the get-go, but I might try the factory BPD-93 first and then consider the NuForce upgrade. Is there anything different between a BDP-93 NuForce ordered from the factory vs. the user install board?


The most-recent TAS has a comparison of the Nuforce mods and mentions a comparison to the 95 as well. 95 was preferred over NXE for 2-channel, but NXE preferred for multichannel output.
Hi, Scott. There is no difference between buying a installed board from Nuforce for the Oppo 93 or buying the board and installing it yourself. I believe Nuforce has the info on their website for doing it yourself. I see the review you're referring to Roscoeiii. I wonder how long the 93NXE was burned in compared to the Oppo 95? The reason I mention this is even the Oppo 83SE took quite awhile to settle in. when I first had it. The Nuforce 93NE took even longer. I would like to see more reviews to see how they compare. It could be very interesting. Perhaps it depends a lot on the system you're listening to. I'm sure there'll be more on these units. Oppo has opened a wonderful Pandora's box for us.....cheers, lloyd
So far all of my comparative listening has been with redbook cd. I just put in a Miles Davis SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN SACD this very moment, however. I'll listen to it later on my 95 but I don't recall it sounding as balanced and transparent on the 95. I've only got a few SACDs and HDCDs these days. For the record the rest of my system is comprised of an LFD MK IV integrated, Gallo Strada loudspeakers and all Mapleshade cables and maple blocks. My opinion of the stock 95 is mixed to be sure. I think it is a very solid player but it strikes me as a bit mechanical sounding. Very dynamic but not much PRAT. Perhaps some of this has to do with system synergy. I found that putting Herbie's BIG FAT DOTS under the stock feet gives the music some needed verve. The 93NXE certainly allows more of the music's emotion through as far as I'm concerned.
One more thing Upgradebug_up_urass mentioned about the BDP-93NE in his system. He mentioned the NE sounded wooly in his system, which is exactly how my tube / turntable dealer describe most MM cartridges (especially lower end ones - subjectively putting on my flame suit) and I ended up going with a MC Ortofon (MC-3 turbo) that just "woke up" my LP listening experience (going to a Pro-ject Tube Phone Box II also helped quite a bit).

@Upgradebug_up_urass, do you agree?
Hi, Nrthomas2. How has the comparison of the NXE and the 95 progressed? ANy further thoughts? On 2 channel playback? Cheers, lloyd
Has anyone found any in depth magazine reviews of the 95, NF 93 or ideally stock 95 vs all the modded versions out there?
Hi, Moomoo/ There is a review of the Nufroce 93NE, 93NXE and the Oppo 95 in the AVS[Absolute Sound mag. If you check on the Nuforce website I believe you can find the review. An interesting read. cheers, lloyd