Oppo/Modwright 105 no sound

I have a 6 year old Oppo/Modwright 105 player (tube output version with PS 9.9 power supply) that I use only for two channel audio and it has been working great until a few days ago when I noticed that a cd was not read correctly, then upon ejecting and trying again it read the disc and when I hit play, I had sound and then it started to sound muffled and then no sound, but the disc was still spinning and counting down the time. I ejected that disc, tried an sacd, same issue and then another cd and this time it read the disc but would not start when I hit play. I have checked all outputs, nothing was touched at all the player just stopped having any audible sound. I have written to both Oppo and Modwright to see what they suggest or say. Any help or suggestions would be welcome.  
Have you done the firmware update?...not sure that's the answer...my 105 is a whole different player after doing the the upgrade...look into this?