Oppo in 2 channel setup with no monitor to see / control audio settings



I have two OPPO 105’s


1 in my home theatre – where I select audio formats via the remote on the tv – hdmi connect to tv – 5.1 analog sound to HT receiver A new Oppo in my 2 channel stereo rig

I want to

1) analog out  cd signal optical cd to an Audio Research Dac 3 (only 24/44) this worked with my Oppo 83).

2) be able to play 2.0 audio formats - change the audio format of the SACD and Blu Ray pure audio (which it won’t even recognize).


Pressing the audio functions on the remote to blindly get what I want isn’t working. Some hi rez discs play some don’t on this machine.  Blu Ray Quadrophenia Pure audio is a bust on both machines.

Do I need to have the Oppo plugged into a tv via yellow rca or hdmi for the audio selection to work.


Does the Oppo override remote buttons if the video portion on the back is not set up.

Would I need to go balanced out to get some features?


I don’t want a big tv in that room. I don't want to be playing 2 channels from a 5.1 channel program.

What is the best way to output a video signal and what type of very small monitor/tv would work best to be able manage the menu selections of the Oppo.