Oppo exploring additional production of UDP 205

For a few days now, I have been searching for a new OPPO UDP 205.  I wanted to purchase an OPPO UDP 205 for some time, but never got around to it. I revisited the OPPO site today and went to the OPPO UDP 205 page. There, I saw a new line that allows registration for a potential production run. I registered. Anybody else interested? Let's make it so that OPPO can't refuse to make one more production run. I'd love to see a huge Audiogon push. Let us know if you are in. 
Registered today as well. Been meaning to order one as well for like the last six weeks. Went to finally do so, and was VERY disappointed by what I saw on their site. 
I'm told that Magnolia Best Buy Atlanta still has a few available and they will ship to wherever you are, here is the contact info: ask for Jim Richardson at seven seven zero three nine one four seven three two

I have no affiliation with Jim or BB...this is my good deed for the day.

Pretty sure the price will $1299.98 plus tax and I'm pretty sure that shipping will be included.

Good Luck
Thanks for the info snapsc. 
Just registered, I've been meaning to pick one up but never got around to it. I currently have a Marantz UD-7007 and  AV-8801, using the digital HDMI into the receiver, I figured the DAC in the AV-8801 was better than the Blu-ray. Previously I used the XLR for CD's with my AV-7005. Any thoughts on this or the OPPO 205 vs UD-7007, audio only.  
Snapsc you are correct ! Atlanta bestbuy still have some left ! I just order it .. thank for the info! 
Just placed an order through them now. Free shipping and they had about 50 in the warehouse but going quick I was told. You should be able to order with whoever answers.
Just placed an order with them as well; press for a Sales Rep and you can order from whoever picks up that line. Right now they have 40 left! He said something about the unit will arrive in their store by Thursday then ship to me in VA after that.
Just ordered one too.  Called my local Magnolia (San Carlos, CA) and the salesman told me they were out of store inventory but would check with their midwestern warehouse and get an answer back to me by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I knew that’d be too late.  Called the Atlanta Magnolia  and was able to buy one on the spot.   Note that their inventory is going down fast, not many left.
That Atlanta store must wonder what the H happened with all these out of state phone orders this weekend. I told a friend about this stash too. Probably gone by tomorrow. Then we’ll see some of them flipped here or on eBay for $2400+!
Oppo's website now says:

We will have more OPPO UDP-205 players available around June, 2018*. If you are interested in being notified when the UDP-205 is available again, please register below.
Note that it now says *will* where it previously said *might.*
Good news, indeed.
I have registered and happy for the opportunity. 
I just registered today. I also emailed Oppo to implore them to continue selling these things. As fate would have it, I waited just a week or two too long to finally make the purchase. 

Last week oppo told me they may have a another limited production run and I put my name on the list.  They may be available mid summer.   
I have the Oppo 105 for playing SACDs.
It is remarkably good.  Is the 205 that much better?
BTW, my name is on the list too!
   I spoke with Oppo when the 205 were released about upgrading my 105. They advised me the 205 was a major video improvement over the 105. If I was upgrading for just for the audio, it would be a very minor noticeable difference. Not to mention losing the app menu. With that said, I still want to purchase a 205 if they release another batch this summer.

Thanks for for the feedback.  That’s very helpful. I don’t feel as bad.
But as you say, “that said,” I want to get one too this Summer.
The 205 is a major improvement for audio.  I have listened to every Oppo made and modified them all.  The 205, after 200 hours burn in is simply way, way better than any Oppo before and good enough to go in a high end system and be enjoyed.  Not so with the 105 or before.

   Maybe you know something that Oppo doesn't, not sure. However, I will disagree with you when you say the 105 is not good enough for a high end system. I was going to wait on the next gen in a few years, (305?) however that is no longer an option, so yes I will want the best player available (205), but I will not expect a "way, way" better audio experience over the 105.
Thanks for letting people know. I registered.
I've noticed a variety of postings on a couple of the OPPO 205 threads, some positive and some saying not much improvement from the 103/203 versions.  After a lot of 205 procrastination, I placed an order with Magnolia and the 205 was delivered in 5 days with no problems.

Tomorrow, I will be able to connect my Oppo 103 and 205 side by side, put the same disc in each, volume level and switch back an forth..with the 205 having the disadvantage of only 2 hours of burn in...I will report back.

As we all know, memory can be fickle..but my initial impression of the 205 after listening to only two discs (with no burn in time) is that the 205 is a definite step up from the 103 in every area...more air, more ambience, more detail, more low end punch and overall, just more musical...

One other note, probably the toroidal power supply...the 205 gets quite a bit warmer than the 103.

I see that the Oppo website is still allowing you to put your name on the list for another production run.
Odd there is a full page ad for the OPPO Sonica dac in the May stereophile . 
Received a email tonight from Oppo allowing me to purchase a UDP-205 paid in full,got my confirmation number, waiting on shipment now!
Nice that they're doing another run.  Just a note to new owners - As SnapSC noted, the 205 does run what I would consider to be somewhat unusually warm for a SS player, but runs significantly cooler in the Pure mode.  Just press the little P button near the top of the remote.  Good for people who like to leave the player on for longer periods of time.  IMO, it does sound better after a few hours of being on.  Enjoy and don't overlook the headphone jack.  It's really quite good.  
Jrunske: when did you register? I also register sometime april but never received an email from oppo to purchase. 

Anybody else registered before june but did not received confirmation?
I haven’t received my email yet. 
I registered in early May and have not heard from Oppo either.