Oppo DVD with Bel Canto DAC2 make sense?

Does this combo make sense? Looking for a good DVD player to work with this DAC. 2 channel use only for video and audio.
Folks over at AVSFORUM think the oppo is the closest thing to the re-invention of the wheel. Great unit.
only buy the Oppo if you are using DVI/HDMI to a digital display.. Component sucks...

Audio is ok.... I have been much more impressed by my Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player over HDMI to my projector then the Oppo/Momitsu players.
I guess another way to look at this is what low price DVD player would mate well with an outboard DAC? Any combos to recommend?
Hey, a Pioneer dv45 with the Channel Islands VDA-2 is a great sounding combo as well.
Dougnork, Good question! I have an Oppo DV981HD and I have been toying with this idea. I have thought about having mods done by referenceaudiomods.com or pairing it with the new PS Audio Digital Link III. Have a look at that site and see what you think. What player do you have?

I don't have any experience with the Oppo but I've tried a few cheap DVD players, in the $50-100 range, as transports for a Benchmark DAC. While the sonics are fine, at that price level the build quality of the controls and transports becomes a frustration. I've been happier using one of the lower to mid-priced Denon DVD players. I've had both a 2200 and 2910 and been quite happy with that setup.
I have the Oppo DV 981HD.
Hey Rotarius, not hijack this thread, but can you share a little more about your CI VDA2? Do you also have the optional power supply, or just the stock wall wart? What is the rest of your system? Have you ever compared the VDA2 to the Bel Canto? What do you think of the sonics of the VDA2 - reviews on this piece are very rare. Thanks in advance.