Oppo Digital BDP-103

Do any owners of the Oppo BDP-103 player use the YouTube feature? If so, have you noticed it completely freezes when selecting some highlighted files and your TV screen goes black? This is happening way too often. The unit completely freezes and has to be unplugged and restarted. There is nothing wrong with the internet connection. It is hardwired to the unit. I purchased the player brand new in Nov 2014 so it's still under the standard 2 year warranty. I've contacted OPPO Digital via e-mail for a replacement player but just thought I'd ask the forum. Thanks.
Oppo is very accommodating when it comes to their products. I'd personally call them and talk to a tech as it could be something that a software update/patch can fix. I personally don't use the internet connection but when I had a problem, they walked me through it on the phone and fixed it.

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Check to see if you have the latest firmware up to date! You should be able to down load the newest firmware right to the Oppo. Oppo is a good company to work with
Thanks folks. I will check on the firmware version and update if required. FYI, I did hear back from Oppo Tech Support on this on 7/6. They advised that about 10 days ago, YouTube changed their server which is causing stability issues with HTML clients. Oppo claims they have informed Google of this who will be looking to address them in the future.