oppo dac vs rotel pre amp dac

my system rotel 1570 preamp, classe ca-2100 amp pioneer bdp 51fd. im new at this thought someone might have some input. looing at a new bluray player oppo 103,105. will be used mainly for two channel stereo. just wanting to know if the 103 using the rotel dac or the 105 using oppo dac would be better. at twice the price is the 105 the way to go. oppo will not be used at all for home theatre just two channel stereo.
i would go with the Oppo 105 using xlr outs, great sounding for the money
Why buy a 7 channel blueray for stereo? Why not get a nice little 2 channel DAC? Your Pioneer isn't so great but will work well as a transport, digital out to the DAC to the preamp. Especially since this is for 2 channel, not theater.
The Oppos are great but a lot of technology and money spent on them is for the video processing which you will never utilize. Their DACs are great too but if you look at a $1200 Oppo vs a 2 channel DAC you may hear a big difference.
The one bonus with the Oppos is that you can stream almost any music through them via wifi/bluetooth/usb/digital...
I agree with 68pete. Using my Oppo 105 as a CDP, running stereo XLR
cables out to a Krell HTS 7.1 (used as a volume control only, no processing
or D/A conversion) and Krell TAS (also used a Krell KSA-250) sounds
excellent IMHO.
thanks for the advise guys. I think I will go with the 105 xlr outs to my pre. I forgot to mention my pioneer bdp is on the fritz and I do occasionally watch movies.