Oppo Customer Service Review

Well it happened on a Sunday....my Oppo BDP83 loader would not open. I tried the usual on and off cycle but it wasn't going to open. I started to think about a new player or taking it somewhere to get it fixed.

I contacted Oppo that Sunday in hopes of receiving repair advise the following week. To my surprise, I got a note from Oppo within an hour and a return authorization just a little latter.

So I packed up the player on Monday and sent it off to Oppo via FedEx. The cost was about $15 since I'm in Washington state. By now I'm thinking about how long it's going to take to fix (if they can) and how much...after all this is an obsolete player and out of warranty.

On Wedesday I get a note from Oppo with a FedEx tracking number indicating that my player had been fixed and they upgraded the firmware. Are you kidding me, I have never received that kind of service from any company...OK how much is this going to cost?..... Zero - Oppo picked up the return shipping and repair cost. In addition, they included all new packing material including the foam inserts in the box.

In this throw away, made in China product world, it's refreshing to have this kind of service in the U.S.. It's clear to me that when I upgrade my player, I won't even look at another manufacturer....it's Oppo all the way for me!
Ditto here, with sending in my 83, same problem, bad tray, and getting it back for no charge.

A lot of great data points on CS, which is why I bought the 105, but, there are a lot of data points. So more than a few problems.

All in all though, the best CS of any company I deal with.
I appreciate this feedback.
I want a Blu Ray player which allows enjoyment of my stereo
material. This seems the best bet. If there are competitors please advise.