Oppo customer service

Well, I had what turned out to be a known issue with my BDP-93 - it would not retain my wireless connection after it was set up. Oppo sent me a prepaid UPS label to send it in to them. Well, since they emailed me every step of the way, I could see that they received the unit at about 2:00 p.m. last Thursday, repaired it, and had it shipped back to me around 6:00 p.m., the same day! I received it the following Tuesday, complete with a new box and tote bag, all cleaned up and repaired. Couple that with the fact that I have never waited on hold to speak with an English-speaking customer service rep at Oppo, and I am totally sold on this company. I don't know when I'll be buying another disc player, but as long as Oppo is making them, it will be an Oppo player!
You're by far NOT the exception. Oppo, as a company, is absolutely wonderful and their products outstanding.
I am also a big fan.
Good to hear - thanks for posting.

Its always nice to hear someone recieved great service, from one of the companys that are popular with the folks on these and other audio forums. Their rep seems to come from things that I consider important. In a tough market filled with competition.Thanks for posting,Ray
I also had exceptional, fast repair work by them several years ago. Didnt even charge me though the unit was out of warranty.
Oppo took care of me too quite quickly when I had issues with my Oppo BDP-83. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Oppo in the future. Also I remember when I was asking them about upgrading my stock Oppo BDP-83 to the BDP-83SE at the time they were very honest with me.
I've had exceptional tech support from Oppo. I was a bit confused abut setting up analog connections between my 95 and Cary Cinema 11a. Oppo held my hand (via email) all the way. Dan Wemmer at Cary was helpful too. Lots of menu items to be set in both units to accomplish what I wanted.

Very refreshing to deal with folks like Oppo . I also had HDMI problem that was purely my fault. I was the second owner of the BDP 95 . They cleaned and diagnosed it for free and had it back to me in 3 days no questions asked.

I also have received excellent support and service from Oppo!
I had a problem using my DVDO iScanDuo as an HDMI switch. The iScan Duo wouldn't latch onto the 95. Oppo recommended a number of resets for video compatibility; Dan Wemmer at Cary suggested HDCP handshake could be the problem and recommended a Lumagen HDMI extender. Following the advice of both I achieved a successful outcome.

DVDO emailed a form response promising followup that never came. As soon as i get a 105, the iScan Duo will be gone.
I had a problem with the door on my DV970HD in the first year and they fixed it and got it back to me within a week with no problem. A few years later the door is acting up again, so I'm questioning the build quality at this point more than the service.
Another happy camper with Oppo. They are quick to reply and very helpful. I wish more companies valued customer service as much as they do. I will gladly do business with them in the future.