Oppo Ceasing production

Just visited Oppo's web site.  They are ceasing production of all their products and will only do warranty work and firmware support for their products.  They no longer have the resources to manufacture new products.  Didn't see this one coming.
Anyone looking for NIB Oppo 205 without getting ripped off, I got you, for now. 
I just read this today and ordered two UDP-203's. I wanted a 203 & 205 but I'm not paying those kind of prices. Anyway I was in such a hurry messed up my ordered and had to place a duplicate order. Oppo called to confirm that I had placed two orders, so while I had them on the phone I asked about a 205. None to be had, but he did say there has been such a demand that they are considering doing one last run. He said to watch the web site for a place to enter you e-mail for updates. I will be monitoring. Hope this helps brighten a few people's day. If it doesn't, I tried have a nice weekend.
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