Oppo Ceasing production

Just visited Oppo's web site.  They are ceasing production of all their products and will only do warranty work and firmware support for their products.  They no longer have the resources to manufacture new products.  Didn't see this one coming.
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I think we're all forgetting about how limited the market is for a $1300 DVD player.
Or even a $500 one.  It seems ok to us because we're over the sticker shock of many high-end products, but tell someone you spent 10 grand on a turntable and look at their face. 
+1 Chayro!

Absolutely right as we tend to forget your average "millennial" is wowed by that huge fancy tv in bestbuy but is likely now only going to stream netflix or hulu say.
They MAY just be persuaded to buy a 4k bluray player at the same time, as long as it is minimal invasion price, say $200 or less.
Tell them they need pay more for the player than the tv and they will likely leave the shop in a hurry!
I can’t help but wonder if this is the result of the impending tariff war between the US and China / Parent company and subsidiary. Likely not the only reason but maybe the final nail in the coffin. I will miss them but hope that this void gets filled in soon with some other products that meet or exceed their fantastic run. 
OPPO has had a good run and everyone I’ve talked to who owns one of their decks, absolutely loves them. So yeah, it seems this is a poor decision, that for all we know is based on what the masses want.

But the masses are like sheep. They go where they are told when it comes to product "innovation" as if that is a good thing. Innovation is only good IMHO when it has real value to the consumer and society as a whole ... as in having a measurable benefit that is not just based on convenience to satisfy a growing lazy culture. From where I’m sitting, the masses and their real or perceived desires are cheapening our culture, under the delusion that progress is being made.

Think about all the younger people who have only heard music in cheap digital formats. They don’t know what their ears are missing. Then there is the idea of reducing your footprint, which motivates some people to use the Cloud for their entertainment media. That is based on saving money and getting what you want immediately. It’s all about quick and cheap. I can’t think of any product or product category in the history of mankind (aside from the computer and software), where that is a good thing.

This contributes to why there is a growing interest in "vintage" things across several product categories. People want products that have substance and a lasting quality.

Maybe my opinion is tainted because I’m in my 50’s, and remember the good old days. But I can honestly say that I enjoy vinyl, cassettes and cd’s more now than when I did back in the 70’s and 80’s. In part, because I have a better system now, and the low cost of buying used media allows me more freedom to explore music.

I also like the idea of owning my music. I don’t have to rely on using a computer, or using a streaming service to enjoy music. Frankly, it cheapens the music experience. The listener is not engaged with the "playing of music", rather it’s about bouncing around to listen to whatever, whenever. I’m generalizing here ... but most of you get my point. I like the process of purposeful listening. I like listening to albums mainly because I’m not just playing my favorites, and it’s a reminder of songs I either forgot about, or have a growing enjoyment for.

The appeal of vintage audio is going to grow for at least another 10-15 years. The fact that companies who press vinyl are growing is going to increase available inventory in the marketplace that can be enjoyed for another 20 years. You can still find quality pressings from as early as the mid-60’s (~53 years ago) ... so I’m quite happy to enjoy vinyl knowing that no company is going to control my enjoyment and ownership of music for the rest of my life.
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