Oppo Ceasing production

Just visited Oppo's web site.  They are ceasing production of all their products and will only do warranty work and firmware support for their products.  They no longer have the resources to manufacture new products.  Didn't see this one coming.
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This is indeed very sad news and for me a huge shock!
I own three of their players
bdp83...owned 6 years
bdp 93....owned 3 years
bdp105...owned 1 year

not one of them have been touched at all and all still give faultless service

maybe that's part of the problem? stuff that does not break or wear out and gives perfect service does not tend to be replaced or upgraded as often.
Sad but maybe they were built too well? At least in todays throw away, flavour of the week society.

But whatever if somebody like Oppo cannot make it work the $ numbers any longer could anybody else who take over the operation?
I think you are correct that Oppo units were used by a LOT of other manufacturers as they were just so good at such a fair price that the competition just could not justify the cost of trying to make their own to compete or be better.

Of course then there was ONE infamous manufacturer who decided they would just put a complete Oppo inside their box and sell it under their own brand name at a massive mark up.....that did not end well for them.....
To get it straight, at least I think this is the case.
It is just Oppo Digital that is ceasing production of hifi related items, like their bd players and the Sonica.
Oppo itself is not shuttering its doors and will continue in other markets like cell phones for example.
Looks like I better order a 203 quick....
Odd, I already see some heavy price gouging on eBay for OPPO. And then I see some dropping prices, guess we have two schools of thought here.
1/Usually the case when somebody or something "dies", prices rise.....
2/ Some dealers probably don't want to be stuck with stock they maybe think they cannot shift.
Maybe I will wait for the crazies to clear out


Not really tbh
It may look good on paper which was exactly the reason I bought one, and then sold it within 3 months!
Best description I can come up with is totally sterile on audio cds, bluray and dvd video playback was fine of course but you can get that with a $60 player nowadays.
+1 Chayro!

Absolutely right as we tend to forget your average "millennial" is wowed by that huge fancy tv in bestbuy but is likely now only going to stream netflix or hulu say.
They MAY just be persuaded to buy a 4k bluray player at the same time, as long as it is minimal invasion price, say $200 or less.
Tell them they need pay more for the player than the tv and they will likely leave the shop in a hurry!
Yea, I do not advise ANYBODY to pay a dime more than the $1299 price

I placed an order for a udp205 via your design center on Wednesday and good with 1299 price. I was told $49 shipping. Others here are saying shipping was free?
Can you clarify please?

Did they charge you shipping?
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