What will happen to OPPO Blu ray players? When DVD'S AND CD's are discontinued in a few years, what will happen to OPPO?
I don't know about you but if I were a movie studio, I'd keep banking on the BluRay wagon for a bit longer.

Most BR movies log in at about 40-50GB with special features and multiple languages. Even the smallest ones are about 25-30GB.

In Australia, uncapped plans aren't all that common - in fact, I live in an area where there is ONLY ONE telco providing ADSL and their plans are 20GB, 200GB and 500GB per month going for up to 130 bucks per month. I'd watch more than 10 movies a month and that would mean my entire allocation would be busted even before I used it for work or regular surfing.

With 4k and Object Audio plus High Frame Rates on the horizon, I doubt these sizes are going to shrink much further any time soon.

And as for Oppo, they have expanded their line up to Headphones and Headphone amps recently - along with getting their players to be HUBS (so you can hook your cable boxes to it). They were also doing handphones before this so I suspect they aren't in as much trouble as you seem to think they are.

And as for CDs going away - I dunno. I still pick up new SACDs and CDs on a regular basis - maybe even more than BRs.
Why Oppo? Why not Sony or Pioneer?
Strange, vinyl was pronounced dead ten years ago. I think by the same people who tell us CD's are dying. So, stock up on your CD players, I have ten of them, don't what to become an orphan.
When/if the necessary bandwidth becomes available all 'silver disc spinners' will be doorstops.

Doggiehowser, feel your pain having lived in NZ last year but here in the states we still are unlimited The only problem is bandwidth, I don't want to have to wait a day to download my 4K movie ...
I'll most likely switch to a computer source and use my 103 as a DAC, with either its USB or HDMI input. But, like Doggiehowser says, I'm not counting bluray out, for the time being (more than a hundred music titles to be released by Sony this fall). I can't see myself being be eager to ditch any of my discs for some time since it looks like the quality of music downloads will continue to vary, from the handful that are good to the majority that pretty much suck, for any foreseeable future...(sigh)
In a few years, the Oppo, assuming it still works, will be used to play the millions of CDs and DVDs already in existence. Or, the 105 will be used as a DAC to play music through a computer source or whatever is going on at the time. Also, who says CDs will be "discontinued" in a few years? Why would you even think about this? In a few years, you'll be lucky to own anything, at the rate this country is going.
They're a step ahead of you. Oppo has built in apps for netflix, roku, berlin philharmonic, etc. that it uses to stream content wirelessly with its built in web browser. I watched a live performance of the Berlin Philharmonic yesterday, then watched a bluray movie. Nice.
Who cares?

Oppo make over-rated over-hyped equipment.
Don't know about other people, but I will always strive to have an Oppo on hand. Why?
I've had many DVD, BR players over the years, mid to bargain (Sony, Denon, Hitachi, Panasonic, etc.

Are there better Universal players for the price and DAC wise? Possibly.

I'll tell you one thing though. Being an early DVD adopter, over the years, I have amassed a large number of computer-burned DVD's using differing software and differing manufacturers (DVD-r (+,-), DVD-RDL (+,-), even have a bunch of VCD's still in my collection. As the computer savvy of us know, commercial players are a bit finicky when it comes to type of recordable DVD's & Manufacturers.

The Oppo is the ONLY machine I've had that will read ALL of them, plus still retain the ability the access the discs via time. A feature, I must add, that is lacking in many bargain players. IMHO, this makes an Oppo machine worth the money.

I'd be curious to hear if other owners w/ other Universal player brands have the same ability, namely:
1)play any disc (CD, CD-R, DVD, DVDR (both +,-, of ANY brand), DVDR-DL (again of any type and any brand), VCD, DVD-A, SACD, BR.
2)The up-sampling of standard-rez DVD's on a 8 foot high image from my 1080p HD projector (Optoma) from my Oppo blows away all of my other BR disc players.
3)The feature-rich options of the Oppo (go to time index, ability to Zoom the image, ability to shift sub-titles, ability to skip the promos on standard DVD, etc.)
4)Pre-outs for all channels.
Very encouraging about Oppo. How good is the CD sound compared
to dedicated CD players from top manufacturers?