Oppo Blu-Ray DSD Direct mode

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms why the Oppo operating in DSD Direct mode to a compatible receiver would sound better than the Oppo analog outs? Wouldn't the task of D/A conversion just be passed on to the receiver instead of the Oppo D/A conversion? Thanks. Confused.
Sure. But which D/A is better?

In addition, can the Oppo output DSD with appropriate channel/bass management or does it convert to PCM to do this?

Finally, is the channel/bass management more capable/preferable in the Oppo? (IMHO, generally not.)

I have question on this Oppo unit, I have owned the older versions however I am not finding any info whether this unit has a built in Volume control or not? All the older units did I know so I assume it does.

However second part of the question is can this volume actually control the digital outputs or is it for the analog outputs only?

It has a volume control for the analog outputs but it is a far from ideal arrangement. External VC is better.

I realize its not optimal over a good preamp etcÂ… I was actually just curious for possibly a cheap solution to a less critical application as a remote control volume for a headphone amp more than anything, and really was more interested in it having the control of volume from the digital output standpoint to a DAC /headamp.. Not a big deal, Thanks for the answer.