Oppo Blu-Ray burn in experience

I have an Oppo BDP-83 and was wondering about burn in experience. I only have a few hours on it but there is not much low bass and the top end sounds a little closed in. Its not strident at all on dynamic material like some units are pre burn in. can anyone describe the changes they experienced as it burned in and how long did it take to stabilize?
I did not experience any noticeable burn-in with my Oppo BDP-83. Then again, I do most of my listening via the digital out, going into an external DAC. The only time I use the player's DAC is when I'm watching movies. So, it is possible the player did experience a "burn-in" but went un-noticed.
I think it's easy to forget that we have our systems "dialed in" for the existing source component. We've adjusted speaker placement, footers, interconnects and other cables for Brand X CD player and it's little wonder that when we substitute Brand Y CD player, things may sound strange.

I do think that many players take some time to burn in, so that's always an issue as well. I would wait a month before coming to any conclusions about the sound.
i have an oppo 83 se. it has about 3 weeks of continuous play, i.e., placing the player on repeat and varying the cds. it does have a slightly veiled presentation, never unplesant, but perhaps, not as resolving as other players.

4 weeks=500 hours should be suffic9ient.