Oppo Blu-ray ???


I have a question for Audiogon members that may be participating in the Oppo Early Adoption Program.

Are you able to play cds/sacds via the HDMI connecton without the TV being on?? Tks.
Yes. OTOH, that is more a function of the preamp/processor than it is of the player.

will it play video files downloaded from your PC onto a thumbdrive or only music files?
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1. No comment on my preferences until I publish review.
2. Don't know about video files; I never use them. The manual does refer to playing music, movie and photo files from the USB port.
3. Will check on the the repeat function but the remote has buttons for repeat and A-B replay.

More info: http://www.oppodigital.com/Download/BDP83/BDP-83_English_Manual.pdf

You may want to ask your question on the AVS forum thread established by Oppo for feedback and info. You can find plenty of info and links there.
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I have the Oppo 980, and you can access all features, using an hdmi connection, including repeat play through the remote and do not need the tv to be on. You can set the the 980 to start a disc automatically as well, so whether a CD,SACD OR DVD-audio is put in the tray, it will start playing. I would think their new one would do so also.
I looked at the AVS forum thread.
There are 174 pages of chatter !!!...

What is unique about the Oppo is that it includes DVD-A and SACD and plays them through analog outputs.

Can anyone just summarize the Oppo BDP 83?


1. How is the DVD-A and SACD sound quality compared to say a Denon DVD universal, coming out the analog outputs?

2. Do you have to use a Video monitor to play DVD-A's?

Ok the Video.
1.How is the Video on Blue Ray and DVD?


1.What other notable comments?
What is unique is not that it outputs all the audio by analog but that it is, at the moment, the only BluRay player that will play SACD and DVD-A. It will also output those via HDMI.

Ok the Video.
1.How is the Video on Blue Ray and DVD?

I'm guessing Kal cannot comment on the video performance because of his pending review. The BD93 is supposed to be built upon the foundation of the 983H DVD player using the same Anchor Bay chip for DVD playback. I cannot comment on Oppo BluRay performance, but can tell you the video output (upsampled to 1080i via HDMI) on the 983H is outstanding and just a stone's throw from BluRay performance I compared to a Panasonic BD55K through the same interface. I have not noticed any video artifacts at all from upsampling. Audio performance of the 983H is very good for the price, but certainly could be improved upon. With the 983H SACD and DVD-A are output via HDMI>PCM. Whereas on the BD93 the specs read:

SACD – The BDP-83 plays Super Audio CD (SACD) and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to output the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) signal in its native format or convert it into PCM.

I could not find fault with the DVD video performance at all.

Otherwise, Kal pretty much summed up what makes it unique - with BluRay it is truly a do-anything all-in-one player at a very competitive price if they hit their goal (Last I heard around $599). Kal, did they actually implement DVD-A output? I saw they'd offered "Preliminary Support" via a firmware update. Did that work out?

Ok, Thanks,I knew it outputs all the formats that is why I so am interested in it.
But how does the SACD and DVD-A compare in sound quality to my Denon 5910 universal player with the analog audio output?
But how does the SACD and DVD-A compare in sound quality to my Denon 5910 universal player with the analog audio output?

I don't know. Furthermore, anyone's answer to that question would only be speculation, and even then it's really entirely subjective. You could always just buy one when it becomes available in a few weeks and if you don't like it return it. You'd only be out shipping costs. Oppo offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
Jax2, Well, I probably will buy one.

Its just that with all the beta testers you would think there would be a quality review of the sound quality of the Machine.
I tried to read through some of the 175 pages that are posted on the AVS forum but gave up.
Most of the comments are just ridiculous yabber.