OPPO BDP95 anybody have any comments yet?

I have had mine for about a week now and wow it's pretty impressive. The remote has to be aimed right at the player to work. The sound from the balanced outputs seems great, nice tonal balance from top to bottom. Blue-ray's seem to sound the best so far, SACD's are nice. I don't think for the money it can be beat and the video is stunningly good for me anyway, much better than the PS3. The audio is also much better than the PS3 for whatever that is worth, although mine(PS3) will play SACD's I think a real SACD player is better.

Mine did a software update right away when I hooked it up to the network.

I'm sure there will be improvements coming but I like the sheer convenience of having a player that plays it all. I have this one in a strictly 2 channel system, has anyone used the various surround set-up's yet?

I have been enjoying mine very much for the past month or so. It sounds terrific!
Suggest you do a search here, as there have been quite a few comments already on other threads. Also suggest you search at avsforum.com and audioasylum.com
The BDP-93 is much better because of the dac chips used. The same as with the 83 versus the 83SE.
I was impressed when it beautifully played 88/24 flac files that were downloaded from HDTracks on to a USB memory stick. Cool! Initially, the free demonstration songs were downloaded, but I needed to listen to something familiar to make a better judgement so I purchased Diana's "Boy from Impanema". It was gorgeous! Floating in the air.
"The BDP-93 is much better because of the dac chips used "

Hello Tbg. Can you expand, please. All analog parts can be upgarded but certainly not the D/A chip....

Also, does anybody know if "95" USB input is based on asyncronius transfer and can it play 24/192 files?

Dob, I play many sacds, but even cds sound better in my opinion, with the Crystal chips. I have never understood why many preferred the SE or the 95. I should say that I have limited experience with unmodified 83s, 83 SEs, 93s, or 95s. I have Exemplar moded gear.
As far as Usb is concerned, it will playback 24/192 in a way that will drop your jaw at it's performance!I tried it using a usb thumb drive via a free sampler from HD Tracks and was floored. the ESS Sabre Dac's feature 32 bit Hyperstream Jitter eliminator!
Well, OPPO themselves say the 83 se was built to improve audio over 83 due to using the sabre dac chips which they say is superior. i beleive the 95 has the latest sabre 2018 dac chip too(18 is the important part don't recall if it's 2018). So not so sure of post that claims 83 is better than 83 se and 93 is better than 95. i only have an older OPPO so I'm not commenting on what I've heard just what OPPO and many on the net say.
Wildoats, I think you are right about the Sabre chips. But several of us prefer the Crystal chips.
I like the discussion, I am still trying things with mine played some video last night from the USB actually played very well. Unfortunately with my current speakers it's hard for me to judge everything spatelly compared to my MBL's. I will say I like the tone and balance of everything from top to bottom. Dynamically it's OK, trebble and midrange are as nice as the bottom end, very tight and articulate but not harsch at all for such an inexpensive player.

Could some of you Crystal Chip lovers expand in a little more detail on your experiences, what you like and don't like?

Can someone confirm the sampling rate the BDP-95 outputs an SACD that is converted to PCM? I know the BDP-83 output 24 bit, 88.2 kHz. I am wondering whether the newer machine outputs at 24/176.4 or 24/192.


Is SACD is always converted into PCM in "95" ? If so its bad
No the 95 does not always convert DSD to PCM. You can set the menu to output DSD at the analog outputs. There is lengthy thread over at AVS that will pretty much tell you everything you want to know about the 95
Thank you