Oppo BDP83SE vs Oppo BDP95

How does the Oppo BDP83SE compare with the Oppo BDP95?
I have a BDP83SE and a friend brought over a BDP95 to compare in my system (all tube, Aesthetix Calypso linestage, custom 845 SET monoblocks, Gallo speakers) for SACDs played in stereo mode. I fully expected to get a BDP95 on the assumption that it would outperform my unit and was real surprised that I heard little difference and the 95 sounded sorta recessed. Maybe it lacked break-in (approx. 30 hours when I heard it) but I was definitely underwhelmed and am sticking with the 83SE for the moment at least. BTW, both of them were way inferior to my Raysonic 128 for CDs.
Is the Oppo a step up over the Marantz in DVD playback?
30 hrs! You did yourself a disservice by forming an opinion on out of the box performance! I as well as many others have found the recessed sound to go away with no less than 50-75 hrs of playback and full burn in around 500 hrs and up. You might just be the first I've heard to choose a 83se over the 95, as it has taken on units well beyond its class, stand alone or universal. 50jess you owe it to yourself to research this topic well, a good place to start is over at avsforums and many more, plus the main stream reviews as well.

Jdub39, I do find it odd that my 83SE required little or no break-in (yes, I bought it new). What is it about the 95 that demands a ridiculous (to me) 500 hours? Did you compare the 83SE to the 95 in your system?