OPPO bdp105 vs Arcam udp411?

Has anybody intimate experience with the Arcam udp411?
On paper it looks to be the closest competitor to the OPPO 105 I have seen so far.
Particularly interested in its audio performance.
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Are you using the digital outs only?
No, I am using the xlr from the oppo right now direct into my Hegel H160  and would look to do the same on the Arcam, that is for music (cd, sacd, bluray audio)
secondary output is just hdmi to my tv for picture .
This is in a stereo only setup but I like the convenience of the all in one Oppo as I do have a 43" tv in my "room" and sometimes like to watch movies there occasionally.
It is really the audio performance I am interested in from the analog outputs.
Picture will be more than good enough I am sure.
Lack of features like bdlive and Netflix, tidal are of no concern either as I do not use the OPPO for those anyway.
Tidal from my Vault 2 and Netflix from the smart tv.
My 105 isn't as good as I had hoped.  The function and features are great.  For music, all of my DACs beat it (Schiit Bifrost, Emotive UMC200 and of course my Hugo killed it).  If it is for music only, check out the Cambridge 840/84.  It has digital input too.