oppo bdp105 or cambridge 752

Having just purchased a quality 70inch flat screen tv, I realised that I would need a blu ray player. Instead of buying a mass market 200. dollar player, I decided to invest and purchase one of the above. My cd player is rather old, a meridian, still functions well and this would also be used as a cd player as a sort of update. I listen to mostly classical music and use electrostatic speakers with tube amplification. Oppo, well received, seems to have a quality issue with many quirks, Cambridge, who I have tried to call for technical information, after a few calls, has yet to return them (not very positive). I am looking for a unit that is reliable, well built and of course has a quality play back. Not very interested in numerous computer or digital ports.. Any thoughts? Thanks Melinda
Judge for yourself...1,219.00 at Audio Advisor plus free shipping.30 day return policy,so if it does not meet your expectations you return it and you are out the return shipping.Just be gentle with the unit as you put it through it's paces.I find a big plus with my Oppo BD-95 Nuforce xtreme edition is that the streaming of Netflix is usually outstanding...AND...Pandora sounds really good, their Classical offerings never fail to impress drawing heavily from the Naxos catalog.I like the option on the remote that just kills the screen image.
I am curious as to the audio quality of the Nuforce modded 95 versus the new 105.The Nuforce edition mimics a tube stage and sounds scary good.The general word on the 105 seems to be happy happy.With that 70 inch screen you are going to need a decent BluRay player or it is going to look like Halloween with all the bad makeup jobs you see.
Why not call Audio Advisor who is a dealer for both brands and ask and purchase from them?

I have owned an earlier Oppo, the BD-83, for about three years and have never had any quality/reliability issues with it. However, you do need to ensure your firmware is current or you may find some performance quirks on certain discs. I also have appreciated the fact that every time I send an email query about something they respond within several hours. Customer service is one of Oppo's high points.
I have been very happy with my oppo mod 95 from the Upgrade Co. never had any problems with the oppo or mod work. i would rate oppo team very high in taking care of customers. I use it for SACD/CD play back useing the XLR outs with much satisfaction. In its price point the bluray is top notch. The 105 video/blueray is a big step above the 95. The SACD/CD play back of the 105 vs the 95 is only slightly better in my opinon.