Oppo BDP - 95 vs. Oppo BDP - 93

Dear all,
These days a lot of Oppo's are on the market. The price could reach 500 $. The 93 is former Stereophile Class A component and the 95 is a Class A+ even now. What is the difference if one intends to use these players just for stereo? What are the recommendations and does the difference worth 500? The only thing I know is that the 95 has balanced outputs and the 93 does not. In my case this is not a problem - I don't have balanced input of the preamp.
The BDP-93 uses a Cirrus CS4382A DAC, and the BPD-95 uses two SABRE32 ES9018 32 Bit DAC's.The Sabre dac is the better sounding one. Also I believe that the 93 has only HDMI outputs
If you are only going to use the player for 2 channel stereo the 95 is the way to go
First, these are about to be discontinued and replaced by newer models. AFAIK, the 93 is already out of stock.

Second, this very issue has been discussed ad nauseam since before their release some years back and is all over the Internet and print publications.

Third, to encapsulate, the 95 has a superior PS, superior DACs and superior output stages. There is no difference for digital or video outputs. Google if you want to know more.
"Also I believe that the 93 has only HDMI outputs"

Nope. Same input/output options as the 95.
For two channel stereo, Mod-Wright make an awesome tube stage upgrade.