Oppo BDP 95 vs BDP 105...

I own a Oppo BDP 95 and was curious if it is worth the money to upgrade to the 105. Has anyone compared the two and can anyone explain the qualities and characteristics of the 105. Thx in advance.
I too am interested in this.

You might start here.

I am very happy with my 105...It was an upgrade for me from the BDP 93...The additional headphone amp is nice too and work well with my sennhieser HD600s.
Depends on your needs, really. The 105 now acts as a DAC and had HDMI inputs to boot. Plus it has 4k scaling among other items.

If any of those are needs then the 105 may be a good bet. But if you have your 95 and you are using it as a transport and using te analog out then the 105 may not be a high value upgrade.

Again it depends on needs you may or may not have. Check out hometheater.com for a review. Other sites are having reviews trickle in.
The 105 is my first Oppo purchase so can't compare it to the 95. What I can tell you is it performs very well as an audio grade DAC and preamp. Best stock digital volume control I've ever heard. It really is quite good. I’m using it with pair of the new Wyred 4 Sound Mamps and new Spatial Quantum field cables. I’ve never heard music this good at this price point. Nothing I’ve even experienced comes close.
Another review has just been published.


I've been told by a dealer that the video gains are quite good, while the audio is about the same (2 channel). so as far as SACD performance is concerned i don't believe it has more to offer. the build quality is somewhat nicer, though.
so if the chassis is more solid it could cut down resonances.
If I had a BDP 105 instead of my BDP 95, I'd feed my Wadia i170 digital output to the 105 via a digital audio cable. I'd do the same for the DirecTV HD DVR audio output.

Using the Sabre DAC vs. what is in the 2005? era Rotel AVR I have (RSX-1056) should result in better audio quality, right?

Hmmm, wonder what a very nice 95 goes for on the open market?
The 105 does indeed pick up where the 95 left off with a 20-30% increase in performance this equates to greater transparency, better defined bass and better rhythm and pace while providing a more stable image, the 95 had a spacious nature that I loved and even that has been bettered on the 105. Now you can add all the other things its incorporated to its list of processing but for me to sell my 95 it had better it on music first and it does, is it worth the upgrade ? Yes get one!

The 95 does not have the input capability of the 105. I plan to connect DirecTV HD-DVR via HDMI and Mac Mini via USB to a 105. HDMI from the 105 will go to my projector; analog XLR stereo and RCA 7.1 will go to my Cary Cinema 11a as they do with my 95.

dbphd: I'm aware that the 95 does NOT have inputs. Hence my statement on what I'd do if I did get a 105 == something very similar to what you are planning, though my processor is a much, much, much lesser processor than yours.

I'm just not sure it is worth it to upgrade for my Wadia 170i ipod input and the directv dvr. I am very interested on what you think given that your Cary is >>>>>>>>>> my Rotel receiver.
Admranger, The role of the Cary is minimal with the Oppo 95, but it does process HDMI audio from my Sony XA5400ES.

Video: The Cary has no video processing capability; it just passes video. I'm currently using a DVDO iScan Duo as an HDMI switch, so it's processing video, but when the 95 was connected directly to the projector, the picture quality was at least as good as that from the iScan Duo. When I install a 105, it will do the HDMI switching and the iSan Duo will go.

Audio: The Cary receives stereo and 7.1 analog audio from the 95 that it bypasses, so the 95 is doing the processing, including speaker settings. This setup eliminates HDMI artifacts between the Oppo and Cary. The Cary audio processing is used only with the Sony. Both the Cary and Oppo 95 excel at audio and either yields superb transparent sound with detailed imaging on a well defined stage. I'm guessing the 105 will at least equal the 95 in audio ability.

I am also hesitating on doing the upgrade. My 95 is hooked up to a Mac MX-121 prepro, both through HDMI and 5.1 analog cables. The difference between connections is not important in my system, both in multichannel audio as well as in video. The 105 will surely bring more features (2 HDMIs inputs and a better Netflix would be for me the most interesting) but not sure if better quality. Only if the latter really improves both in audio multichannel and video I would jump over it (for stereo and DAC use, I do not care too much since I use a Mac MCD1100 player, which overcomes the Oppo).
How do the owners of the Oppo BDP105 feel about the quality of the 2 Sabre ESS 9018 processing chips compared to other chipsets in other machines? Does the 105 lack bass, mid-bass, midrange and proper top end resolution to anyone? Anybody's thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance....
I replaced our 95 with a 105 a few days ago. Both audio and video seem a bit better, but to be fair analog audio and HDMI video cables have been reconnected and an iScan Duo removed from the video path. Audio and video are superb.

There was a lip sync problem with DirecTV HD-DVR through the 105, but a firmware update the first evening fixed that. HBO cannot be viewed because of a program protection issue. Oppo tells me they are working on a firmware fix for that problem. We have a DirecTV whole house setup that networks our four receivers, so HBO recorded on another receiver can be viewed on the receiver connected to the 105 even while recording.

Bacardi...As mentioned earlier...I upgraded from the 93 to the 105...and its like night and day in my setup...Either throwing some tubes its way or a solid state ande even my headphones are now an enjoyable treat as well...Very happy hear...
@Shakedown, do you use your 105 for movies/music and if so, are you using the analogue or digital?

I use my 105 for all of the above...But mostly for music (85%) and come out the dedicated 2 channel. I also use the HDMI to my SS Processor and TV, this way the wife just has to turn on one unit to get TV, Movies, or music through Satelite XM or DirectTV stations to my B&W towers/ Martin loga Motion 4s and some Mirage Nanosats that are placed in the adjoining kitchen. My direct two channel runs to my Modwright SWL 9.0 to B&K Amp or my Coda CSi Integrated amp feeding my Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II's
@Shakedown, how do you find the sound in 2 channel via analogue? Do you find the midrange rather lacking? Sound is a little thin?
I am happy with the representation of the music. I have an ecclectic genre range of music that I listen to from classical to jazz to rock n reggae. I find the Oppo 105 works well for me with the rest of my components and appears to be harmonious to my ears.
The 105 has more features e.g. more inputs. Is it supposed to have higher sound quality as well? The units seem quite similar in that regard e.g. same DAC and power supply, same HDMI output, etc. One post says a 20 - 30% improvement (??)
@Ph5y, I think in a revealing system you will notice the thin sound and weak midrange. I had a 95 and the 105 is definitely better soundstage/ extension, detail on the upper range but like I said, that is compromised by the thin sound and lack of midrange. Also the input switching as rather glitchy, hopefully that will get fixed via updates.

My Cary 11a processor, Proceed HPA 2 & 3 amps, and KEF Reference 107/2 mains and 102 center and surrounds must not comprise a revealing system. I've been comparing the sound of vinyl played using my Thorens TD 124 and SME Series III arm with Ortofon SME 30H cartridge with that of SACDs played on the Oppo 105 in balanced stereo. Specifically, "Jazz at the Pawnshop" and "Time Out" sound remarkably similar whether vinyl or SACD. The Sony XA 5400ES sounds smoother but less detailed. Whatever the failings of the system, it makes it seem as though the bar is right at the end of the room, with vivid soundstage imaging.