Oppo BDP 95 or BDP 93 Nuforce for cd redbook sound

Which version of the Oppo will give the best cd and sacd sound. I assume video will be equal.
My vote goes to the 95! I like the doubling up of the ESS Sabre dac for two channel playback its outstanding!
If you plan to use the analog outputs, then the Oppo BDP-95 will be the best.

I've got a BDP-95 and I play it through the balanced analog outputs. Best CD sound I've ever heard.
BDP 95. Just set up last night. Incredible. Agree with Dcbingaman.
I have been using the BDP-95 in my system for a couple of months and it's a fine player; the video is fantastic as well.
Hi, Bar81. A really nice rig ! Just out of curiosity, how does the Oppo compare with the EMM ? I haven't heard one, but I have great respect for Ed Meitner - he understands digital better than just about anyone.
Thanks. Unfortunately, you really can't compare the two units - we are talking about two very different levels of performance (and a 25X price differential). What I will do is note that the BDP-95 sounds good top to bottom and doesn't really do anything wrong - it's not overly warm or analytical and it doesn't overemphasize bass, midrange or treble. The evenhanded nature of the player makes it extremely easy to listen to for a wide range of musical tastes. That it comes from a company that is so focused on customer service is icing on the cake.
has anyone of you had mods done to your BDP 95?
ModWright does an interesting mod to the Oppo BDP95. Love to know who has listend to this baby.