Oppo BDP-95: Get this DVD/BD Region Free Mod Kit?

The Ebay ad for the Oppo 95 I just purchased said "region free”. But it will not play this "all zone" PAL-encoded DVD from South Africa https://raru.co.za/movies-tv/37567-ride-the-high-wind-dvd The image rolls and is monochrome not in color.

And it will not play this DVD set from the Netherlands, which I had to settle for being the only season from the series which Universal let go OOP for years until Universal UK and later Canada re-issued it.


Instead, the player gives an "Invalid Region Code" message.

Oppo Support said they issue no region free firmware (like Cambridge Audio conveniently did for my 650BD player) nor make mod kits, but that assuming a region free mod kit was installed to try following these instructions. http://bluraychip.dk/product.php?id_product=17

Note that instructions say that the 95 is region free for DVDs by default where with the mod kit installed all region DVDs will play immediately upon loading. If so then apparently no region kit was installed by the seller-or at least not this kit.

I now just wanted to confirm with other 95 player owners that this is the mod kit to buy and works with no problems. http://bluraychip.dk/product.php?id_product=17