Oppo BDP 93 vs Oppo BDP 95

Hello everyone,

I am in the market for a good Blu Ray player with 3D capability.I intend to bypass either player by going with a coaxial cable to a separate DAC.My questions is,would I still notice an appreciable difference in sound or vision with the more expensive Oppo (BDP 95)?
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No, save your money and get the 93...
Sounds like a question for Oppo. They'll probably state their newest video chip is better, but unless you've got a state of the art 10' screen, you wop't notice.

We don't at least - we're using a 93 on a 10' screen in a moderately high end system.
I've had the 95 and have the 103. There is no reason to get the 95 if you have a good DAC, that's why I went with the 103 when I upgraded. I also preferred the 103's faceplate vs the 105. Another consideration is that there is a lot of heat inside the 95 requiring a fan to dissipate the heat. There have been many complaints about the fan, and it seems a fairly high maintenance item.

93/95 vs 103/105 There are various considerations such as analog outs and digital right etc, but those are not issues in my setup.

I suggest the OP peruse the massive threads on the various Oppo players at AV Science.
Oppo has a refurbished 103 listed right now for $415. If you don't need the high end DAC in the 105, then jump on it.
Personally, I upgraded from the 103 to 105 and couldn't be happier. No external DAC, plays everything, sounds great, dedicated 2 channel out...
Hi Elevick,

Can you please tell me where I can find this refurbished 103?


Oppo lists players for sale on their website.
Go to the oppo store and look at the very last page. It changes all the time. I saved about $200 on my 105 this way.