Oppo BDP-83SE or Sony SCD-XA5400ES?

Well somebody had to start this one. It may as well be me. I guess we're gonna have to base our selection on features, specs and reputation (at least as far as the Oppo is concerned). I'm mainly concerned with 2 channel analog playback with SACD and redbook. Anything else is just a bonus. The Sony has balanced outputs, is almost twice as heavy and build quality SEEMS better, has a 5 year warranty, ridiculous reviews and a the beginning of a cult-like following. The Oppo has a great rep, plays EVERYTHING, also ridiculous reviews (for every other model), ESS Sabre Ultra DACs (what does the Sony have??), seems to be upgradeable and WILL have a cult-like following. I cannot audition in my home. So I will be rolling the dice. Obviously you win whichever one you get. But which one would you go with and why?

The comparison of the Sony XA5400 and the Oppo BDP83se
Is odd the Oppo has much more features speakig of video
I spent the weekend comparing them my brother has the Oppo for his home theatre and Sony for 2 channel .
The Oppo may have a little more low level resolution
but is a little thin sounding in some areas ,in sacd mode Noone beats Sony also the cd transport mechanism and power supplys are far better in the Sony .Oppo is using multiple dacs which is a nice touch but lacking in several other areas.The Nuforce version is a better match for the sony
except sacd one of our audiofreinds has one and brought his over to my brothers .I was not there the 2 guys
thought it was close with the Nuforce except sacd.

Let me state this for the record Dan at Modwright has done many mods and he says the Sony 5400 is better sounding
that the Oppo83SE for Audio,also He is just coming out with a complete total mod Vacuum tubes, Lundal transformers Caps resistors and all for the Sony 5400es , and he says the Sony has so much potential before hand,after the Mods it is his best sounding player to date It is $2200 with the Bybee purifiers, and for your $3500 total investment will go toe to toe with anything under $10k! I for one am getting it done and will display my thoughts this summer after runin time .
Did you ever get the Oppo BD83 Mod from Dan?

How does it compare?

If you just want Stereo SACD/CD playback it is very hard to go wrong with the Sony. If you will want video as well, the OPPO gets the nod.
i have an oppo 83 se but have not compared it to the sony.

i consider the redbook playback, relatively better in quality than sacd playback.

i am also looking for an sacd player, but won't buy one until i hear it in my own system.

i suspect the first sony sacd player may be the best, sonically speaking. however, its transport is old and may need replacement at any time.