Oppo BDP-83SE NuForce??

I would like to know if anyone has heard and/or compared the NuForce edition to the regular SE edition. Is the Oppo warranty compromised with the NuForce mods?? Does anyone know what changes/mods are involved with the NuForce edition? And lastly, is the extra cost justified? Thanks.
Rwwear, are you sure?:

I have both, both only significantly alter the two channel outputs, and the NuForce is definitely more open and dynamic but also outputs a slightly higher level so a perfect A-B isn't possible. FWIW I do think the price difference is worth it, if you want a good blu-ray player and solid CD player in one. If you are going to just use the HDMI output then gfo with the base Oppo 83.
NuForce used to advertise that Oppo supported their upgrade. Maybe they changed their policy. It's still unclear whether Oppo repairs the player or not after the upgrade. More than likely Oppo will repair the player for anything unrelated to the new board but NuForce must handle the paperwork.