oppo bdp 83 with integra 9.8 processor

how would you guys configure these two components?
would you go "source direct " on the oppo and use the reon video chip in the integra ?? Or vice versa, that is use ABT chip in oppo and turn video chip in integra off?
thanks in advance

Path of least resistance first... go HDMI.

The 83 came with one so there's that.

if it doesn't suit you... try another config.

I'm thinking the 83's video chip set came out after the 9.8 and is a different type... for myself I see no reason to switch from the above configuration using my Onkyo 805 via HDMI only.

The power cords for each can have a influence if upgraded from stock.

Good luck.
I have both units also, a good combination for Video, Music and Movies.

I have experimented with the video quality from both players.

It is hard to beat the Anchor Bay chip set and video quality from the Oppo BDP 83, but the Reon is not bad in the Integra.

I found the best video quality is as follows:

Set the Integra to "Pass Through"
Set the Oppo to 1080P using the ABT Video Processing

I have a Pioneer Kuro 60" Plasma and the video is stunning. Even standard DVD's upconverted look great.

with the integra dtc 9.8, can HDMI sources be format converted to component video up to 1080i???
No. Conversion from HDMI to component is not permitted by most processors.

I am running a Onkyo Pro 885 with a PS3(awaiting my new BlueRay(oppo BDP83). Anyone know if I use a Wireworld Silver Starlight HDMI and a digital coax for home theater will it still pass the lossless DTS Master Audio/ DD Plus through the digital coax??

Regards Bacardi
It will NOT pass the lossless DTS Master Audio/ DD Plus through the digital coax as it is copy protected.
But it will pass them as PCM through the HDMI. No need for the digital coax. Hey, I have a bunch of them in the closet now.