oppo bdp 83 vs pioneer elite dv 58av for listening

i want to buy a player around 500$ only to play my dvd audio and sacds. which player sounds better between oppo bdp83 and pioneer elite dv58av.
How are you connecting the player?

Using 6 analog interconnects? Get the DV58AV.
Using HDMI? Get the Oppo.

i was planning to use both the interconnects and the hdmi to connect the player but use only the multichannel in mode to play the music which activates only the interconnects.

I saw a thread online where someone said when playing sacds and dvd audio discs the audio reproduction quality and the soundstage of the oppobdp83 is thin compared to the Pioneer elite dv58?
Oh! i forgot to mention my receiver is pioneer elite vsx 92 txh.
Interesting question. I haven't ordered the bdp83 yet, but had the older Oppos and I've got a modded DV58AV. They're really close for DVD-A and SACD, but the Pioneer is far superior for RBCD. If you're only going to use them for Hi-Rez, then I'd say go with the Oppo and HDMI, under the assumption that it's unlikely that Oppo focused a lot of attention on RBCD performance. I could be wrong. I'll be able to answer in a while, but if you're trying to make a purchase decision right now, then I can't give you a risk free answer.

Generally, the hi-rez formats have much smaller performance gaps than low rez, like CD or mp3. Those lower rez formats really benefit from an upscaling routine and alogarythm to output to analog. Neither the Pioneer nor the Oppo are top of the heap for low rez formats.
so destep...if i play dvds and cds do you think i get better playback in the dv58 then?
thanks for the emails dcstep!
The BPD-83 has improved the RBCD sound as well compared to for example the 971 or 981.

I've tested the BDP-83 against Denon BD3800 and I actually perfer the BDP-83 for decoding the lossless over 7.1. I also tested the newer Denon A1BDci, and yes it's a little better, but with a price difference of 7-9 Oppo's for one Denon, it's an easy choice...

I'm not too certain that you will hear much of a difference at all with the Pioneer and possible it could be on a lesser level... Do you have any possibility to borrow a DV58 from a dealer and at the same time buy the Oppo? They do have a very good return policy, so this way to can actually test it out at home.
actually yesterday i just decided and bought a modded dv58av so my problem. I guess a month from now i have to decide whether to buy the oppo bdp83 or pioneer elite 09fd ..i heard the elite sounds better!
Keep you dv58 av for Redbook playback.

I prefer my BDP51fd to the DV58av for 2 channel analog playback though. Yes, it's still slow after FW upgrading but within a reasonable loading time.

I am looking to acquire the BDP 09 once the price goes south by the end of the year or next year.
If my budget was $1500 I would buy the Oppo 83 and spend the rest on a very good power cord. I think the Lessloss DFPC would go very well with this player. Spend the rest on good ic's or hdmi. You could also have the player modified/upgraded and may have yourself a world class player. A $1000 modification could go a long ways with the Oppo but of course this is not everyones cup of tea. I am going the upgrade route with the Oppo.