Oppo bdp-83 straight to power amplifier

Oppo bdp-83 Bluray Player straight to power amplifier?
Can this be done since it has an analog volume control built it. Seeking info for another.

It can be done carefully, but there is no soft start feature, the volume comes on where you left it last.

not recommended.
Yes, you can do it. It does turn on where you last left it, so be careful with volume. I would suggest you turn on the Oppo first, turn down the volume, then turn on the amp......

BTW, I think the volume control is in the digital domain, so you will lose resolution as you turn down the volume.

I'm using a mod'd Oppo DV-970 direct to amp and it works great.
Any problems with sufficient gain?
Going to be using it via a PS Audio HCA-2 power amplifier.
Does the stock DV-970 have the ability to go directly to the amp or is that part of the mod?
I know the bdp-83 and the se versions has this feature thrown in and I believe the DV-970 has it too.
Nothing to do with the mods.

The Oppo comes from the factory with remote controlled digital volume control. I've talked with Oppo regarding this feature on other models and I believe it has been a feature of all models they have released.

If you are curious about using the built-in remote volume control, contact Ric Shultze at EVS. He mods the Oppos and is a proponent of using the built-in VC. www.tweakaudio.com


Buff- are you getting enough gain on the volume?
Loud enough as a preamplifiers gain?