Oppo BDP-83 question.

Is anyone using the 83 from analog out to separate amps only? My H.Kardon
Citation 5.0 pre-pro controller doesn't have 7 channels inputs. using only coax
for dd=dts. No volume control so i turned it off while playing a dvd.Two channel out too my Audio Note amp-pre-amp sounds fine. sacd and blu ray sound very good. Hdmi to hdmi to vedio.Volume control is a minor problem because i'm
using large corner horns across the front. Tighter control on the Oppo would help.Blu Ray sounds fantastic. Dynamics area amazing with these efficient horns.
Jump factor is scary. Question is,do i really need a new pre pro just to control
volume, and will it give me Better sound?
Using the BDP-83 to control volume, especially for efficient loudspeakers, is not a good idea as the digital control will truncate bits and reduce resolution.

thanks kr4 .I guess my only way out is to buy another processor or a cheap
avr with analog in. What a expensive way to go for volume control. My wife will put me on bread and water for a month. But i'm having so much fun it's
worth it.

What do you think would sound best,using the analog or the hdmi hook
up on a new receiver? Thanks.
Generally, the latter with the Oppo but there might be exceptions.