Oppo BDP-83 question

If you have a standard DVD player with better audio capabilities than the Oppo BDP-83 blu-ray player, could you play a standard DVD in the DVD player and then run the video through the 83's internal video upscaling, does the 83 have an video input to do this or does the company sell any attachment for this?
No video inputs. If you use HDMI or the digital outs the audio will be the same. If you want better analog get the SE model.
Which dvd player do you refer to...curious...cambridge, pioneer, denon, ?
My standard dvd player is a Marantz DV12S1. I believe it used to retail for around $2-3,000; I bought it for $1,000 about 7 yrs ago. Built very well, and heavy for a player. I suspect it has far better audio circuitry than the Oppo BDP-83, but it doesn't output HDMI.
Oppo BDP-83 SE or Nuforce Edition will outperform the Marantz in audio performance.
heres a question for you SE knowledgeable types. Can I run the video out the HDMI and the audio out the analog outs at the same time. I ask because it has rca video outs and I find nothing that actually says you can do that. Likely a dumb question but it that would be a nasty surprise for me!

sorry to jump the thread.
Yes. All outputs are active simultaneously.

Yes...like Kal said. I run hdmi to my pj and analog outs to my prepro and digi to my prepro with my 83.
Can anyone explain what all the region code modifications are for that are being done to the Blu-Ray players?
Region code mods...so you can play your Hungarian indie films without conflict. Basically plays dvd's from other regions around the world. If you move to Australia...take your gear with you or at least the 83...you will not be able to watch the dvd's there b/c they are a different code. I think we/USA are region 1 dvd code...look on your dvd/br case for this code number.