Oppo BDP-83 - problem playing DTS-HD master audio

I have two blu-ray DTS-HD master audio disc that will not play on my BDP-83.

After the disc loads, the player display shows "AVCHD" then goes into "stop" mode. I advised Oppo about the problem and they suggested that I install the latest firmware update (Beta 31-0620).

I installed the firmware. Now, when the dts-hd master audio disc is placed in the tray and the tray closes, the display shows "AVCHD" then "open" afterwhich the tray automatically opens. I emailed Oppo and am now awaiting their further help.

Meantime, would like to know if anyone else has encountered the same problem; and if so, were you able to resolve it.

FWIW, system includes Onkyo TX-SR876 avr, sony xbr4 52"LCD, all connected via HDMI (1.3) cables.

Thanks for all responses.
I suggest posting your question in the oppo thread here:

Could you please list the two discs that your are having problems with, so others can check? Thanks.
I discovered that I have a bad disc - Tchaikovsky Piano
Concerto nos 1 and 3. No problem with other dts-hd master audio disc. Anyone else have a problem with this disc?? Tks.